anti-NU MU


. . . when it rains, it pours – take that NEW MUSEUM DOWN !!

looks like POSTERBOY/BANKSY – ain’t the only game in town !!

according to BENJAMIN SUTTON of THE L MAGAZINE – those great great great anti-NEW MUSEUM posters plastered all over the Bowery, are the work of 3 friends – ADAM WISSING, KENNY KOMER, and BORIS RASIN !!
(apparently also – aka – ‘Friends of the New Museum’ if you were lucky enough to get the email format !!?)

just . . . “another renegade publicity campaign” ?
HELL NO !! let’s hope not, let’s hope – it’s a sign of the times, cause NEW YORK CITY is chock full of bottlenecked young artists – and it’s about time for them to take over. just make sure dudes – that when you finally do turn that obnoxious NEW MUSEUM, and that black hole of a WHITNEY around, you get them both !! to dump their same high-end out-of-touch P.R. flack.

see: Anti-New Museum Posters Spotted on Broadway/BENJAMIN SUTTON !!

. . . . we don’t know ADAM WISSING – but we do know KENNY KOMER & BORIS RASIN !! – local New York City bred, talent. make that Talent with a capital T. they made that great ‘ATM’ piece that ripped you off – that first surfaced in ‘THE SUM AND ALL PARTS’ – a POP-UP show in BROOKLYN, and shortly after re-surfaced, slightly modified in GAVIN BROWN’S survey show of last summer as well.
Titled ‘Economics 101’ – it was highlighted on the artlovers home page pretty much – all summer – as the piece that most spoke to the spirit of 2009 !! you put a dollar in – you got 3 quarters back.
and guess what – it still does. heading into summer 2010.

you can see more of their work, here: KENNY KOMER & BORIS RASIN !!

unless, of course – you really think the so-called THE NEW MUSEUM should be supporting, (never mind DAKIS JOANNOU) – JEFF KOONS ? I mean really. move over, and let someone else come over. An artist with a big townhouse on the UPPER EAST SIDE collecting old masters – is not new !! – he’s already made it. the art clock did not stop with JEFF KOONS, ok ? that is so 80’s !!
that’s 30 years ago already.
He should be in the MET, not the NEW MUSEUM.
and while we are at it – where the hell is that MIA – missing in action – MOMA – it’s so out of it – it’s not even part of the dialog.
it’s useless.
and so is the JOANNOU collection. it’s almost as behind-the-curve as old ELI BROAD. in fact, what’s the diff.
it does belong on a boat with high-end fifi Italian designer furniture somewhere lost at sea, not in the heart of god damn New York City !!
the Bowery !! let me tell ya – it saw better days. and more art. when it was full of bums.
and don’t get me started on THE WHITNEY – it’s not just played-out – it’s HUMA BHABHA bought and GEORGE CONDO sold-out.
and, you want to know why the art scene in NYC is tanking ?
somebody do something quick & pull the plug on those tax dollars – !!
every museum administrator and curator in this town should just be fired – across the board – period. deadbeats. the lot of them.
do they get pensions, too ?
I could tell you right now – 10 people – who could take one hundredth of that combined waste of resources – and could really give this town – a run for their money. and yeah, I’m first on the list.
talk about renegade guerilla self-promoting warfare. right on.

NYC museums listen up – better up your game – even ANTIQUES ROADSHOW has ya beat.
I say – off with their heads !!



well now we know, from a flood of newspaper & tabloid !! articles yesterday – why the MOMA is MIA/MISSING IN ACTION !!
Oh my god – is there anything worse than academic performance art ? yep – NAKED ENCOUNTER ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE ART.
not only that – it is re-constructed and old performance art re-staged/has-seen-its-day performance art.
how boring. how bad. how tacky. how low can you go ? how out of touch can you be, is there no mercy in this town, or what.
how do major museums indulge themselves in this kind of genuine the-emperor-wears-no-clothes delusion – everyone knows, from early childhood up – the easiest and cheapest way to get attention – for those needy and desperate enough – is to drop your undies.
where’s the inspiration and vision in that ? grab me a bad T.V. reality show – any day – over this please. just spare me.
HOLLAND COTTER can be heard to almost gag between the lines in his assessment of the MOMA’S new ‘star’ attraction !!

“it comes with a mission: to demonstrate that it is possible to preserve performance art …. through live re-creations in a museum setting. Ms. Abramovic is confident that this can be done, and to prove it has inserted re-staged pieces from her own past into an otherwise standard documentary show. Whether her faith is justified is the question. Based on the evidence here, I’d say no.”

any local art aficionado – will tell you – that when a major New York Times art critic writes pages upon pages of description – and mostly historical – you know – he just doesn’t want to rock the ‘establishment’ boat, and advertising dollars – with a scathing critique.


things only get worse with the CAROL KINO puff piece – on the same exhibit – that followed in Sunday MARCH 14th’s, 2010 New York Times ARTS & LEISURE Section. I mean is this chick’s mindless scribbling – a paid-for flack’s paid-for dream or what ?
put it this way – short story: When you see the Carol Kino byline – usually in the Sunday section – affectionately termed the b.s. section in my household – it’s like seeing – a red flag – for pumped-up paid-for other-wise going to be ignored – puffery – with absolutely no street cred at all.
p.s. – that’s b.s. for bullshit – all you clueless international readers. the last piece she did was on PAUL McCARTHY – bye the way.
I can’t stomach her stuff so bad – I don’t even want to give it the dignity of a link.
if you really want to read that dross – google it up for yourself !!
what. ya gotta squeeze through 2 naked bodies to even get into the exhibit. OMG – please spare me. and the joke’s on you – if you let yourself be manipulated into that kind of hollow buzz thrill. trust me – you’d get a bigger thrill out of telling the thug on the subway over – to take his big black bag off the only 2 !! empty seats on the car.
if that wasn’t a bad enough omen of what was to come – I can’t think of anything I’d rather not do more, than maybe see a KIKI SMITH exhibit – than sit across from this over-hyped ‘performance artist’ – and stare into her unblinking eyes. what, you can’t even have a dialog with her – like what the hell ? I was thinking maybe we could, you know throw around – some ways – for you to … to actually charge for this mind-bendingly dull exercise in wasted time ? you know the actual heart of the current performance art dialog ?

and, the icing on the cake – I truly almost gagged, if I wasn’t already carsick – well, actually I laughed out loud – on this line of CAROL KINO’S – in the article’s 3rd paragraph: . . . “MOMA, the country’s most powerful arbiter of 20th-and 21-st century art” !!
such an absolute non-truth – it’s probably destined to become the unfunny punch line of a lot of MOMA jokes around town, today !!
. . . and guess what. for such an illustrious trend-setting Museum and gut-busting show – they actually, well ok – the curator, what the hell – let’s drop the loser’s name – KLAUS BIESENBACH, crows about the huge over-flow capacity crowd at the show’s ‘workshop’ conference – a grand staggering number of 100 participants showed up !! “more than a hundred artists, scholars and curators crowded into the boardroom of the Museum of Modern Art to talk about performance art and how it can be preserved.”
wow. for a major museum show in the heart of the so-called art capital of the world – that is just an awesome body count – even lowly Brooklyn galleries commander more than double that – also on a rainy stormy night, so – buddy BIESENBACH, don’t bang the door – on the way out, either.
p.s. he’s also the newly appointed director of P.S. 1 – so does that make him responsible for that used-to-be cutting edge site’s recent debacle of a ‘STUDIO VISIT’ program on their website ?
mark my words – they are harsh, but they are true. (institutional) ‘curator’ is gonna turn into a dark curse word in this town – chock-full of young talent seething at the bit, and unable to move sideways, let alone upwards in this leaderless climate. and up next on the agenda ? watch out for the wrath of the currently very hard-pressed galleries who try to sustain their young artists – in such an institutional rudderless dark age. talk about inglorious basterds.

no dog peeing
the new – CHELSEA – slogan !!