~JEFF McMILLAN/FUSE/opens to-nite: SAT

Fuse-Jeff McMillan

JEFF McMILLAN – ‘Some Dispute Over the Color of Hats, and How Outsiders Cope’
opens to-nite – SATURDAY – JUNE 9, 2007 – 7-10pm
FUSE GALLERY – 93 2nd Ave (btw 5th & 6th Sts)

the show will run from June 9 thru July 14, 2007

Rock posters, album art, comics, music, comedy and cartoons influence this Los Angeles
based artist. Claiming as inspiration artist/illustrators such as FRANK KOZIK, PHIL HALE,
and ROBERT WILLIAMS, JEFF McMILLAN “plays close attention to the drawing and execution
of his work. The juxtapositon of a rendered painting with subtle humor as a subject fascinates him most.” (press release)