YUK !! YUK !! YUK !!
call in the clowns !!
if you can’t get JEFFREY – get JEFF !!

JEFF KOONS is on THE COLBERT REPORT today, WED AUG 1, 2012 at 10 am and again at 6:56 pm to-nite !!

JEFF KOONS with legendary dealer, and the first wife of LEO CASTELLI, ILEANNA SONNABEND – at one of his many shows at her gallery, NYC. NOV 9, 2002.

actually it first aired last nite. dumb and duller. the Koons bit, anyways.
apparently, all they talked about was arts education ?!! – that’s what happens when you make 25 million, ok 23 million, a pop !! on your art – you gotta do the charity route, play the charity role. what’s the fun in that ?
wasn’t Colbert and his crew – up on the MOCA circus ? wimps.
Colbert – you are a WIPE-OUT man, and you don’t even know it !!

well he, KOONS – does mention the word TRANSPONDER !! and he does pay hommage to MARCEL DUCHAMP, (Colbert: “who’s that, I don’t know him”, ha !!) and, Koons – he does say the word: DEATH.

and the SWIFTER WET JET sweeper spot – that immediately precedes the KOON’s segment – SWEET !!

but, I wouldn’t say Jeff should give up his day job.

the real firecracker of the night – comes right at the beginning. the MITT ROMNEY press spokesman, who probably lost his day job !! and his . . . . ‘kiss my ass – this a Polish Holy Site’ – gaffe. priceless.
somebody should give that guy – $23 million.

our JEFF is at the very (doggy) end. if the Colbert team had done their due diligence – and asked Jeff K – what his take on JEFF D down in LA was . . . . and how about that ELI BROAD !!! now, that might have been worth the watching.

the re-run, the whole episode – is already online !!

watch: JEFF KOONS on THE COLBERT REPORT – July 31, 1012

but, double take !! WOW !! – did you catch that REMBRANDT COMMERCIAL ?!!

those REMBRANDT (!!) TOOTH WHITENING CLIPS – that precede the COLBERT video !! are more fun than a barrel of Jeffreys !!
I caught two versions !!
one references dot maven – YAYOI KUSAMA !!
and the other references KEITH HARING, or is that just – could-be-anybody generic tagging ? on a big white fake tooth. ha.

guess when you have a brand named REMBRANDT – ya gotta live up to the hype !!

screengrab from the REMBRANDT WHITENING TOOTHPASTE AD CLIP – that precedes the COLBERT REPORT video . . . . hello YAYOI !!
dot dot dot.