. . . caught the totally kickin’ BROOKLYN EXPRESS DRUMLINE a few weekends ago.

you could hear the big drum pulse from blocks away – and then they came down 14Th STREET – struttin’ into sight. great sound. and then, every so often, the marching suddenly stops – as if, on a dime – and they offer up an awesome precision display.

seeing is believing – check out !! an early clip/on myspace !!

from their press release:
“BROOKLYN EXPRESS DRUMLINE is a slowly yet rapidly growing drumline. In the beginning, we started out with only three of us, Directors Errol, Karl, and Kevin. Our ambition and goal was to set up a drumline that serve the community and entertain those around us while having fun ourselves.

We started off by raising money in Central Park, and on train rides home on our spare time. People thought we were trying to pocket their money especially when they always saw us, but we knew that the money was going for a good cause. Today, over 5 months later, we can proudly say that we have grown … including supporters like Mr. Brian Figeroux, radio station WHCR 90.3FM and presidential candidate Barack Obama.

We are still looking for financial support and a practice location.

The drumline has 20+ members with only about 7 drums…. We are slowly and gradually growing in membership. In the year 2008 we plan on expanding our drumline into a band so that more kids from the communities can join and have something to do after school to better their lives and skills other than looking for trouble.
DONATIONS are welcome. It takes thousands of dollars to purchase equipment and drums and to maintain a good drumline.”

check out their very cool site –
they’re on the web at: Brooklyn Express Drumline

drum # 1

drum # 2

drum # 3

drum # 4

Drum # 5
check out his bio !! – here !!
this is just how it begins: . . . “I never use to like drumming at all, but at the age of 9, I was sent on a mission to learn how to play drums. My old church sent me to learn how to play drums from another church and I was suppose to come back and teach the kids from my church. Surprisingly my new skill brushed off on two of my close friends, Rockcliff and Karl. Soon it also brushed off onto people like Tristan, Jodiane and two other friends of mine, and it kept on spreading..
My life was really taken to another level when I joined The Brooklyn “Steppers” Marching Band. I was a part of the re-known percussion line, “black Fire Percussion . . .
I have been drumming for about 9 years now.” Errol currently attends Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, majoring in flight operations, and aspires to become a pilot.

drum # 6

drum # 7

drum # 8

drum # 9