~Steven Vincent/killed in IRAQ

Steven Vincent

STEVEN VINCENT, a flamboyant presence on the NYC art scene was killed
in Iraq on August 2nd. He was assassinated after posting an OP ED piece
critical of the Basra police force in the July 31.05 Sunday New York Times.
Steve Vincent, who was an investigative reporter for ART & AUCTION, was
profoundly transformed after witnessing the attack and collapse of the
World Trade Center from his East Village rooftop.

He went on his first trip to Iraq with artist STEVE MUMFORD in 2003,
after the fall of Baghdad. Steve became committted to reporting on the
political issues of the Middle East. Some friends cautioned him on
‘pushing his luck’ on his most recent return to Iraq, but he was totally
dedicated to the American effort to ‘democratize’ the Middle East.
After his first return from Iraq, he told his friends that the art world
seemed trivial compared to the real war issues facing America today.
Steve Vincent was a true ‘action junkie’, whether prowling the scandals
of the art world or the streets of Iraq. He will be missed.

STEVEN VINCENT December 31, 1955 – August 2, 2005

above photo: STEVE VINCENT outside the Lehmann Maupin Gallery, for the
Juergen Teller opening, Chelsea, NYC, Sept 13, 2003.
Photo by: Nancy Smith

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originally posted by SIMON CERIGO on August 4, 2005