Marie JoseeKravis


take a look at that clip again, link !! – he’s even got his god damn logo !! – warongreed.org – imbedded into MY photo – all the photos – on the top left hand side – like some kind of TV station ownership – he doesn’t just steal the photo – he usurps ownership.

besides being so boring.

and, this is not just an internet clip – this is (supposedly) just PART ONE of a 4 PART MOVIE SERIES – !!! anybody who’d fund this guy – gotta be a bigger idiot than can be pleasantly imagined. he’s so bad – I’m almost thinking he is part of a larger, as yet unknown ‘conspiracy’ or agenda of some kind. he can’t seriously think he is going to make it as a filmmaker based on this utterly unoriginal clip – no matter how much NEW YORK TIMES PRESS he receives. plus, what kind of film industry people would want to work with a scum bag, who from the get go – so wantonly disrespects one of the key foundations of the professional media – copyright protection. it also carries serious financial liabilities into any bigger plans he might have for this pathetic self-promoting vehicle.

ROBERT GREENWALD – take note: YouTube, Google, and WIKIPEDIA, definitely don’t like this kind of action – copyright violation – on their sites – it’s bad for their credibility – and speaks toward rigid and wider government scrutiny & controls. it’s not ‘new world-green’ & nobody wants to see copyright infringement & content/ownership theft take the place of freedom for real creativity.. and forward thinking.