we saw this postcard at Alpha Beta. it sure beats Pearl Paint !!
great graphics. bet the paint is great, too. the bucket paint is guaranteed not
to drip – on the street !!!!!

SABOTAZ USA distributes their paint out of BROOKLYN.
The paint is actually manufactured in GREECE.

sabotaz # 1

sabotaz # 2

check out: sabotazusa.com/store !!

and their myspace page has a really neat animated logo:

sabotaz # 3

watch it SPIN – here: sabotazusa/myspace

in the FAQ’z section on the sabotaz site, it says that the artwork on the spray can is done by IMPE – “greek. 25 and does all our advertising material.”

they seem to have a branch at 624 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn, off the Lorimer station. at CREST HARDWARE.
though they seem to also be connected to L.A. ?