. . . looks ONDI TIMONER is really getting together some kind of – finished footage – on JOSH HARRIS & crew. She’s changed the name from originally QUIET to THE BUBBLE and, now to – WE LIVE In PUBLIC – that’s, better. it’s officially called a “documentary-in-progress”.

Josh June 2008

watch the early trailer: vimeo/WE LIVE IN PUBLIC

. . . hey, does anybody know: does bike kill rhyme with road kill ?
speaking of road kill – OMG – JOSH HARRIS is finally getting famous. credited with being the father of blogs vs. vlogs. no less !! don’t thank me – thank TOMORROW MUSEUM – with a little help from RADAR which recently posted Ondi Timoner’s early trailer for, guess what !! – WE LIVE IN PUBLIC !!! ….good job RADAR. MAD MAX is alive and well, 2nd generation NYC. but even ALANNA HESS says QUIET was the baddest party of them all. a cross between the DARK FAIR & THE BLACK LABEL BIKE CLUB – but throw in a firing range, some edge-city art & lots of ugly sex, lies & videotape !! not to mention Josh’s dot.com dollars !!

not joking.

bye the way – Josh is in Ethiopia right now. where you can live like a king on $800/month.

. . . if you can listen to BAND Of HORSES – Cease to Begin – at the same time – as watching the vimeo clip – then you pretty much can know – how I feel about seeing the long threatened chronicle has actually taken shape – and supposedly – is going be hitting the big screens any time soon. omg watch that sh*t fly !!. Hope it doesn’t get past the art houses. bet it won’t. must be how Cindy Sherman felt about Paul H-O. when Guest of Sherman actually landed in one piece and on the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL screen, courtesy of SUNDANCE !!

and about BAND of HORSES – that’s gotta be Animal Collective or at least Rusty Santos, DEACON ? on one of those tracks ?