shiny, saturated neon green . . such a strange color to kick off a new year.
2019 . . what up ?!!!

ANDREW GUENTHER, ‘Green Birds’, 2018. oil on canvas. 16 x 12 in.
& to be found, in his current show at SOFT OPENING, BROOKLYN
image via Instagram @andrewguenther_art

I did jump, when this image came down my Instagram pipeline 2 days ago.
it made everything that was going on in my head – stop.
it was just so dark, and brood-y, so unexpected from all the previous images, that had been posted for this small ‘plant’ shop show. so unique. so emotional. such a call for . . love ?
it made everything I was thinking about, stop. except, for one thing.
my contempt, or really boredom, capital B !! for all the so-called art collectors. you know, the big ones who post great holiday travelogue pix, or divorce drama. oh, so what.
you have Hirsts, Koons, Basquiats, Harings and Warhols.
same old, same old. so predictable, to the point where its meaningless. that is so stuck in the 80s. it’s so un-impressive, really.
an ANDREW GUENTHER. this is the art scene, not a French patisserie doing all the same classic holiday faves – year after year.

SARAH HOOVER & TOM SACHS on holiday in Hawaii.
image via Instagram @sarahhoov

then I really did . . JUMP !!
the very next image – on my IG thread was this !!!!
2 REAL ‘LOVE – BIRDS !! – all encased in that same, shimmery but gooey honey dark, glowing shiny green glow.

TOM is such a contrary bird, such a bad boy. sincerely, it’s nice to see he has found someone who can handle him, give him a much needed (leaning humorous) pr make-over, and apparently, make him happy / no small thing.
and, she’s quite the Instagram raconteur / quite the ‘bird’ herself !!
I mean, dig that fab fab mini dress, is it Chanel ? never mind. it could be, or not. it’s HOT.

I mean, this is also just after they were in St. Moritz for Tom’s solo show with Vito / so skiing, (where her skis got stolen), and, then (trying hard) to surf the waves, 1/2 way around the world / in one week – classic/fantastic.
we should all only trip – so lightly.
plus she’s so good at laying it down. nothing off-putting, ever. or you know, I’d be mouthing off.
plus I mean, you know . . I’m already a huge fan for anything he slaps that crazy NASA sticker / logo onto.
plus I used to run into early Tom, back in the golden artnet days (2002-2004) and what amazed me (I now realize), was – he was the first ‘distressed’ fashionista, everybody (successful) was so proper, or maybe Schnabel schlumpy, but he was truly distressed / wearing a beat-up black or was it blue (?), puffer jacket – held together with duct tape.
& apparently he’s still pretty much the same, or maybe it’s a ‘performance’-worthy, nerdy ‘tech’ jacket, or a hi-end (I guess) pair of print all-over pjs / and, she’s holding up the other end, encased in classic black velvet Chanel sheath, with a string of pearls as shoulder straps.
in a 5 star bistro. yep, that’s quite the gal – for Tom.
and apparently right on the mark, color-wise, just like magic. dancing on the perfect line between where the underground meets the mainstream big stakes.

image via Instagram story @andycahill

and, then speaking of green lit – love birds !!
wouldn’t you know, I check out maybe just one, or 2 of the scrolling video clip stories – at the top of the very same IG page, & one of the young turks of the underground, ANDY CAHILL has a story which looks to be, from the swinging haircut, to be him dancing with his girl / painter GRETTA JOHNSON.

and, it’s weird because . . .

image via Instagram @artloversnewyork

all I could think of, meaning: was compelled (!!) to post on Christmas Day, for no real good reason, except maybe I’m high functioning / outsider / borderline . . with strange non-linear, more often than not, ‘presentient’ radar . . . & always attracted to shiny foil surfaces, but esp to this shiny, reflective, fade-to-dark saturated / Bugs Bunny new ‘old stock’ Xmas retro stickers, which I had just unearthed in an old school, (Jersey City) Heights thrift shop, catch-em while you can, the whole area is going mad crazy with gentrification.

NASA and LOONEY tunes . . is that a rhyme ?
strange call, or what.
oh, the (shamanistic) patterns we all use – to navigate reality.
I mean, in one way, or another.
name one. other than myself ?
how about:
MELISSA BROWN / fortune-teller, games theorist, and magic-realist painter – extra-ordinaire.