Christopher martin - early

(archival photo) CHRISTOPHER MARTIN in front of his work, at the opening of the small group show,
‘Yes in the Age of Wood’, Little Cakes Little Gallery, Sept 30, 2004

early David Aron

(archival photo) DAVID ARON in front of his work (and wearing it) at the opening of
‘Yes in the Age of Wood’, Little Cakes Little Gallery, Sept 30, 2004
David Aron will be having the next show at Little Cakes –
‘Cords of the Easy Rescue’, June 1 – 30, 2007 – watch out for that one !!!

Hanna early

(archival photo) artist, curator, gallerist, the then HANNA FUSHIHARA, photographed a little after the
‘Yes in the Age of Wood’ opening, at Little Cakes Little Gallery, (the first one, on 6th Street, also in the East Village) Oct 14, 2004 – with some of her pet rocks, (that got sent down to Andrea Zittel’s desert site project). and yep, Hanna and David meet and made the big bond at this opening.

Photos: Nancy Smith

these photos were first posted in artnet: ‘Youth rules in the Big Apple in Fall 2004’

wow, what a difference a few years makes. CHRISTOPHER MARTIN’S work is so much more developed, dynamic, totally complete, and diverse, now. but it’s always nice to have meet a young artist before they break out & esp before they go on to become a big star on FOOD NETWORK CANADA – that last part, being said tongue-in-cheek because apparently the production company behind his show, is just about as efficiently run as any real 100% artist production, meaning its great, but not chugged out on the production line.
. . . guess “FOOD JAMMERS” isn’t broadcast in the USA because its illegal to home brew here ?! otherwise, look out Jamie Oliver, we’d have our very own Canadian version of the “Naked Chef”… who also shows at Little Cakes ! no cooking pun intended.

Christopher Martin, who’s from Toronto, meet up with our Little Cakes friends at
RISD – Rhode Island School of Design.

As for this show, at Little Cakes. it is beautiful, the skills are meticulous, and the philosophy: fun. There aren’t that many artists who can successfully bridge both abstract & figurative art formats. The work, extremely luminous in color, and in 3 different genres ! fills the space – perfectomundo. In fact, one of Hanna’s great gifts, apart from her top rank curatorial eye, is her presentation ability. Little Cakes is tiny, but the experience is large. It consistently outranks, in vision and content, almost all, if not absolutely more than 3/4 of all the shows in Chelsea, most of the time.

Compare that to the other side of the universe, the new MICHELE MACCARONE space in the West Village, which has to be just about the largest and most gorgeous gallery space to open in a long time – it’s beautiful and futuristic open-ended interior, supposedly said to be designed by Michele herself, (local art wags are calling her an artist – just for that interior configuration) but: in her first 2 shows so far, she has had trouble, curatorially, filling the gallery with work that can outshine the space ! Little Cakes on the other hand, is like the Faberge Egg of galleries in NYC right now – we’ll take little space, great art – over big budget, underwhelming vision – though Michele does serve the best wine of all, at her openings !

UP-DATE: APRIL 26, 2007:, ok, ok, maybe we were a little harsh,
the pix from the CORY McCORKLE opening – look pretty good.

little cakes