~DEAD LAP TOPS at TEKSERVE … by MICHAEL DINGES/PIX from the opening. . .

DEDICATED TO: OCCUPY WALL STREET – or OCCU-PIE, as the locals like to call it. whatever you are . . . you’re a NYC phenom . . . and the #1 tourist destination in the city. ha.

THE DEAD LAPTOP SERIES and other artifacts of the recent present’ – by MICHAEL DINGES
the show runs: OCT 15 – NOV 22, 2011

MICHAEL DINGES at the TEKSERVE reception for his in-store exhibit – this past SATURDAY OCT 15, 2011.

MICHAEL DINGES currently resides in OAK PARK, ILLINOIS . . . He spent 20 years as an advertising and editorial illustrator before turning full time to his own artwork. He received his MFA degree from the University of Chicago in 2005. . . his BFA from Art Center College of Design in 1982.

He is the recipient of an Artists Fellowship Award from the Illinois Arts Council, and was awarded a residency at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center Arts/Industry Program. He has exhibited in both solo and group shows throughout the Midwest, as well as New York, Miami, and Vancouver, B.C.

TEKSERVE is proud to present his first solo show in New York City.

MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Data Miner’, Dead Laptop Series, 2008. Engraved Plastic and Acrylic Paint.
Mr. Dinges engraves on the surface of the defunct laptop with a dremel tool and then rubs black acrylic paint into the resultant etching – to highlight it.

all of the artworks, interestingly – are accompanied by brief notes, penned by the artist. the note for this one says:
“Brownian Motion” is a physics term used to describe a particle engaged in a constant, erratic motion.
“Data Mining” is the non-trivial extraction of previously unknown, and potentially useful, information from data.

what I love most – is the super graphic design around – the apple logo !!

MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Prana, Not Prana’. Dead Laptop Series, 2008. Engraved Plastic and Acrylic Paint.
so, “IS THE STATE . . . A-OK ?”
good question.

detail, MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Prana, Not Prana.’
again the logo and the drawing around it, as well as the rest of the design, come on, of course !! – is fascinating. this looks to be the ‘Evil Eye’ often found locally – imbedded into the filigree of a hand charm. love the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind fingers.
from the artist note:
Prana is the Sanskrit word for “breath.” It represents the concept of a circulating “vital life force” that is a central tenet in Eastern spirituality.
Can “virtual” relationships meditated through technology sustain us ? How “real” are these connections.

MICHAEL DINGES, engraved defunct laptop – most the laptops also have script around the front edges, as well.
this one says: MINE ALL MINE . . . . !!

there are other works displayed a little further into the store, just above – and in front of the TEKSERVE PRO AV ROOM.
the drawings, which are unique graphite works on large paper – are above the AV ROOM.
this one is a drawing of a vintage vacuum tube, an apt piece for TEKSERVE – as the store is known for its vintage computer, camera, and audio artifacts displayed throughout.
MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Sell your time, not your soul’, 2011. graphite on paper.

detail, MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Sell your time, not your soul.’ – vintage vacuum tube.

MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Brewing’, 2005. Engraved Coffeemaker and Acrylic Paint.
in front of the AV PRO ROOM – are displays of other “artifacts of the recent present” that Mr. Dinges has engraved into, including a (rotating) antiwar PVC bucket and a metal sundial (“It’s Later Than You Think” (!!) – but my particular fave – is the coffeemaker. though it’s a close call. the PVC bucket spouts – righteous.

MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Brewing’ . . . “COOL”.
ya gotta love the red on/off ‘dot’ switch – on the otherwise all white appliance.

MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Brewing’ . . . “BE KIND”. (!!)

in fact: “BE KIND . . BE MORE POLITE” . . .


MICHAEL DINGES, ‘Brewing’ ….. classic appliance design, or what ? esp check-out that electric power cord . . in-base.
from the artist note:
How is it that a coffeemaker costs only $10 ?
This piece asks questions about fair trade, labor practices, and to what degree government will go to maintain predatory capitalism. Our lifestyles are sustained by the availability of cheap goods. Are the everyday objects that populate our lives enabling a dysfunctional relationship with the rest of the world ?


ok. one last look – Lucky 13 !!
MICAEL DINGES, ‘As Luck Would Have It’, Dead Laptop Series, 2008. Engraved Plastic and Acrylic Paint.
from the artist note:
The surrounding text about luck and chance is inspired by Aristotle and I use it in this context to highlight the role of the internet in engendering a climate of agency and opportunity. Luck is an ephemeral and fickle condition and is increased or decreased in proportion to chance. Chance that is dependent on technology can also become an ephemeral and fickle condition.
oh, yeah – tell me about it.

most def: go check out this modern day thinking man’s ‘scrimshaw’ – the show is up for the next 6 weeks.