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MAYA HAYUK – ‘SEXY GAZEBO: Believing is Believing’ – last weekend !!
the show runs: FEBRUARY 13 – MARCH 15, 2009

read more about the show: here !!

well, anyone who knows her, knows Maya can be a pain – or is it only me. or is it me that’s the pain – o.k. – we both have big chips on our shoulders – I wonder why, could it have anything to do with lack of well-deserved recognition & success ? maybe.

at, any rate the show is all-out beautiful, totally striking and you know, positive – so, we find – we can’t in all conscience deny her, her moment in the sun, esp considering how bad – the rest of the global art world was – last week !!!
so, MAYA for you and KELI & STO at CINDERS – here’s some pix – and the rest of you couch potatoes – go see it – for yourself and maybe even – spring for a piece – to put up on the walls – and save everyone, in Brooklyn – that we love, from having to become ‘apt squatters’ !! no joke.
this is no way to treat our best most talented people – no matter the – $$ crisis.

gazebo # 1
Kelie was about to leave for CHILE for 2 and a half weeks. . She’s going down there with MAYA HAYUK and WOLFY and KAYROCK – to paint wall murals on the streets. . she says the culture there is full of street art and the powers that be – actually encourage muralists, who paint with brushes – and depict narrative scenes or abstract designs – as opposed to ‘taggers’ or ‘writers’ who use spray paint to leave initials-only tags.
she says if they see you roller brushing over the tags – they are very happy to let you paint to your heart’s content.

gazebo # 2
on the floor – a new BRIAN CHIPPENDALE – now going for over $2,600 and up – we told ya to score one a few years ago – when they were just about $1,000. what can we say. you can take a horse to water – you can’t make him drink.

gazebo # 3
STO – behind him – the display for his new – CINDERS VIP/MEMBERSHIP CLUB – you too, can join for $50.
see: their website for details – JOIN OUR NEW MEMBERSHIP CLUB !!

gazebo # 4
the CINDERS MEMBERSHIP CLUB – Brooklyn’s answer to the recession !!

Gazebo # 5
that looks to be a great KELIE BOWMAN watercolor on the left.

gazebo # 6
an array of STO’s work – priced to go – on the right !!

gazebo # 7
‘FEEL THE DARKNESS’ – a (sad) sign of the times !! esp in the art world.

gazebo # 8
MAYA HAYUK, ‘SEXY GAZEBO’, 2008. painting installation with lights & plants.

gazebo # 9
MAYA HAYUK, ‘JAWS OF LIFE’, 2008. acrylic on paper. 16 x 20 in. ($400)

gazebo # 10
MAYA HAYUK, ‘Oneida’s hacky sack’, 2009. acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 in. ($800)

gazebo # 12

gazebo # 13

gazebo # 14

gazebo # 15

gazebo # 16

gazebo box

gazebo # 18

gazebo # 19

gazebo # 20

gazebo # 21
MAYA HAYUK, ‘Predicting the end of the world since the dawn of time’, 2009.
acrylic on canvas, wood, mirror, 13 x 13 x 14 in. ($2,500)


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