Wes Lang # 1

we finally caught up with WES LANG. here he is, (on the right), choking BRENDAN DONNELLY.
both artists had work in the show, and were photographed, at the opening of ‘Revelations’, the dark visioned group show curated by ERIK FOSS, at his FUSE GALLERY.
the show is up thru SAT AUGUST 11, 2007

Wes Lang # 2

WES LANG, ‘Life and How to Live It’, drawing and collage, ($5,000)
Wes also has work in the ‘MAIL ORDER MONSTERS’ show, curated by KATHY GRAYSON, now in its last week at PERES PROJECTS BERLIN, & coming to DEITCH PROJECTS, this FALL 2007.

more pix of WES LANG work, at the NYC headquarters of LOYAL, March 12, 2006
scroll down to row: 14

another photo of WES LANG work
, in the 1st hard cover LOYAL and HIS BAND,
Oct 20, 2005
also scroll down to row: 14

Wes Lang # 3

BRENDAN DONNELLY, ‘Jesus Saves 3:16’, pencil colored pencil on paper, (NFS)

anybody else think this looks like TERRY RICHARDSON ?

you can see the rest of the show here.