~LISA YUSKAVAGE . . another look


this was the other painting – that had a trace image, reference to KARA WALKER . . . walking by . . . the profile of the woman in the (middle range) background – carrying a hot pot of porridge – with the kind of trademark Walker pigtail.
LISA YUSKAVAGE, ‘Edge of Towners’, 2011. oil on linen, 55 x 66 in.

FRAU KOLB, visiting from LA views: LISA YUSKAVAGE, ‘Afternoon Feeding’, 2011. oil on linen, 86 x 71 in.
here the artist makes reference to her own heritage. according to the gallery press release, although many in the opening night room thought these to be “Puritan Pilgrim” ancestors – they are actually “19th Century babushka-wearing Russian peasants” ancestors.
hey, my ancestors, in part, too. though mine were on the other side of the pale, translate: hate line, i.e. the shtetl.

you could trace an interesting evolution in the work . . . from the previous books and full color catalogs put out by Ms. Yuskavage . . .

and available for public perusing – in the magazine rack – excuse my french. at the entry to the gallery.

the work was more hazy and out of real-time. less historical and less layered in meanings . . . and art theory.

there were some very still-life realistic or conservative images . . .
LISA YUSKAVAGE, ‘Persimmons’, 2006. oil on linen, 48 x 72 in.

as well as the somewhat skewed, possibly sad, but never twisted, definitely over-the-top – ‘kewpie dolls’ – that made her famous.
LISA YUSKAVAGE, ‘Painted Things’ 2006. oil on linen, 48 x 72 in.

the twin poles of – society ?
but no historical references at all.

LISA YUSKAVAGE . . from gallery catalog 2006.

detail, LISA YUSKAVAGE, gallery catalog 2006.

yes, this girl was at the opening . . . with flowers indeed – abloom, in her hair – a tribute ?

. . . for all you international & non-local web fans – the space is huge and gorgeous and thankfully – they just let the paintings be. with a lot of breathing & viewing space between the images – and even more thankfully, she didn’t go all hog wild trying to fill it with mammoth chest-beating over-scale works. a real supremo exhibit.
and a nice break-out start – to the season.