yeah for sure, we jumped at that prospect !!
so this past Sat, June 18, 2011 – we took the bait and strolled by.
happily the rain had stopped its relentless pounding.
and yeah we caught:
AD DEVILLE – aka SKEWVILLE – at the site – of his 100 ft. long mural, sponsored by BROOKLYN STREET ART (BSA).
located at 82 NORTH 11th Street – bet BERRY & WYTHE in WILLIAMSBURG. 24/7 viewing.

AD told us he had been working on the mural since the weekend before. even through the rain.
he said: spray paint dries fast, and . . . “if the rain is coming straight down – it’s good to go”. !!

it was a pretty big project.
he said “his bro showed up for about 2 hours and did the top black part.” ha.

dig that real !! NYC water tower – on Brooklyn skyline – to the left !!

my fav part ?
the BROOKLYN BRIDGE . . . person-i-fied !!

it was real cool – how the real brick wall – got incorporated into the mural as well – even when painted flat black !!
come on !! great little face, or what ? looked like a time-piece, a clock face – for some strange reason. too.
more like the man-in-the-moon, than the ‘honeymooners’. more mechanical, and sweet than human.
for sure. more old school than sci-fi, no ?

loved the ‘syringe’ effect, too. spoke to NYC grit . . . and ‘survival’ – between the lines.

life above the grid – being managed by the skyline, itself !! like some run-away RICHARD SCARRY book.

it kinda looked like the bridge ‘hand’ – was throwing the needle away ?
or was it placing a building into the grid ?
no matter, how you took it – it spoke to New York, and its resilient, not to mention – landmark-loving denizens !!

passersby were also digging the yellow plane – a sky-writer, for sure.
the primary colors were trademark – SKEWVILLE.

AD DEVILLE running some finishing touches along the mural’s lower length . . .
SKEWVILLE . . . also did the seriously fab – shark fin border – at the bottom edge . . .

you can look down the street toward the East River and see the Manhattan skyline – just beyond !!
that’s also where that ‘needle’ inspiration – comes from. those old-school city skyscrapers !!
I guess those are SKEWVILLE sneakers, hanging from the old overhead wires !!
. . . and, there’s even – an American flag blowing in the wind !! a little bit of ole glory red, white and blue.
against the golden spires and hot, hazy horizon.
LAST EXIT TO SKEWVILLE . . . Brooklyn-side, NYC.
oh, yeah.