artist, graphic designer, systems-based web whiz LUKE MURPHY has updated his website – and guess what, he’s sticking it to the rats, too . . .
as well as the whole human gamut, from desire to embittered loss.
and updating the whole sad lot, the wheel of fortune ? the beautiful mystery ? . . . FOR THE TRIP into the FUTURE.
skip the animals – the chart of the future – is systems-based !!

and that’s why he is tagged: REV. (REVEREND). and, was so, way before I first came upon his stuff. (year 2000?)

see: LUKE MURPHY – the animated graph: embittered weeping and back again / it rotates up – on his homepage: LUKELAB.COM

. . . where you will also find this pertinent graph !! – and have fun playing around on it, while you are there !!

“proving that anxiety is linked to desire:
desire = sum of choice
anxiety is proportional to choice
therefore, anxiety is a function of desire –
or desire is then a function of anxiety
Favorable side effects of interface:
Interface is need for content.” – the (very REV.) LUKE MURPHY


and talking bout RATS !!

“Shame produces more shame. Conflict produces more shame.
Anxiety and desire are friends.” – think on it. desire for what is not yours. desire for more.

you only hope that the rat that’s robbing you – winning the race by cheating,
has shame, and therefore anxiety. I dunno. that’s why there are wars, lawyers, and used to be hit men.
I’m not so sure. I’m thinking shame drips off their backs. . . like water drips off a duck ?
I’m thinking it’s the poor sucker who got robbed – who has all the anxiety. who gets left holding the ‘anxiety’ bag.
shame on you for wanting what’s yours ? down with desire ?
all I know is: age-old story, greed & conflicts. outta control desires & impulses – consuming the very Rev Luke Murphy – as well.
talk about mapping the ‘wheel’ . . . of the red dust – aka human life on this primordial and so very ancient, planet. Earth.
not much has changed in literally millions of years. o.k. no more dinosaurs.
and of course – the web. ha. if we could only pull our bootstraps – up along with our science.
is that too boring, a thought ? the garden of Eden – is there a reason it’s forbidden. it better be a damn good one.
or extremely profound & huge. vast. unknown. just like the universe, or it’s inverse: nano-biology ? as we know it.
ca. 2012.
and, I bet it’s a lot more mind-blowing, than we think.
though it’s funny how those ancient ancestors got so much of the elemental stuff right. constellations, zodiacs and all.
I mean, the moon, the stars. they were basically – right.
today, we see an unknown celestial body and we’re looking for the radar & landing wheels.