~TAYLOR McKIMENS splits for EUROPE, first stop: Greece

so, fresh off his huge success at THE HOLE this past spring,
TAYLOR McKIMENS has packed up his Williamsburg studio, brushes, paper and real cactus and all . . and lickety split for Europe, destinations: unknown !!
(I dunno. maybe I’ll make a stop in Berlin ?)
(and then, I’ll relocate in LA ?)
(but, I’ll always be . . coming back & forth to the homeland, NYC !!)

except for the first: an art residency in Greece, well, duh.
if you were a Greek, and an art patron, and saw his HOLE show – you might act in the same exact way. oh yeah.

the best part is I got to visit his studio twice, before he left.
do – I know my peeps !!!!!!!
yes, I do.
pix posting this week, oh yeah . . . banish those summertime blues.

in the meantime, just to set the scene,
TAYLOR has been posting some great pix & travelogue updates, on his Instagram feed: @TAYLORMCKIMENS

TAYLOR McKIMENS: Studio for June. Athens, Greece.

TAYLOR MCKIMENS: night time image from the studio, Athens, Greece.
note . . the cacti / cactuses ? – on the porch (!!)
damn, the architecture is interesting, sort of a close cousin for parts of (gentrified) Brooklyn, if you squint.
but, yeah. that sunset . . . is all GREECE. all pink & mauve blue muscle.

TAYLOR MCKIMENS . . . posting some random street inspiration . . from Athens.
anybody else – see some Misaki Kawai in there . . ?
Misaki musta thought so, she commented: macho boy ‘smiley face’ (!!)
love it.

TAYLOR MCKIMENS . . new work from Athens, with fresh eyes.

the eyes have . . it.
the mouth, the split lips . . express the awe of the universe, no joke.
interface between the drama of the Greek sunset, and the drip of the American outlaw . . a brush between past, present, and future . . unknown.

all images via Instagram @TAYLORMCKIMENS