subtext: CRAFT

arts & crafts, NOT.
sales & craft . . YES.

the line between ‘arts’, vs. ‘crafts’ – has basically disappeared, or become very very thin.
too skinny to notice.

I mean, maybe the color theorists like Barnett Newman, or drip painters such Jackson Pollock are under the line.
but today, that line is not – an enemy camp.
it’s not so much about theory so much anymore, as it is about: craft, skills. legacy / ingenuity. authenticity.
though it’s always about . . creativity, expression, and soul.

though it’s funny to realize, that while this generation cannot afford the huge canvases of the Pollock gen /
it’s like they have instead . . ‘fractured’ into a million smaller pieces.

Artist-made DIY & CRAFT, such SILK SCREEN PRINTS on any kind of fashion, you name it: dresses, caps, T-SHIRTS, & all kinds of textiles, incl. beach towels (Selenasmountain), and shower curtains (Home Edition at ESSEX FLOWERS), have all been exhibited in cutting edge galleries.
not to forget xerox, digital & even letter press . . self-published paper print editions, & ZINES . . .

really kicked off seriously, . . when artists were able to sell their products, at indie art & book fairs, and most importantly – via their own websites, and/or other indie, digital ‘storefront’ platforms.
easy payments via Paypal, and Venmo, tipped the scale – to an all-out explosion.

@heatherbenjamin_: “a few totes now available online. will not be reprinted.”

@heatherbenjamin_: “last couple remaining book fair tees are at the link in my bio * worn by angel @meiow_mix.”

images via Instagram @heatherbenjamin_

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