yep. who else.
HESH was the lucky last man – in the short chain – of street savvy downtown denizens – who saved a well-worn OLEK street cart – from a Tompkins Square park bum. (that’s a hardcore park down, and we mean down, on the Lower East Side)
and yes !! it says: UR ART HERE – in the front.

street legend goes that: the original and unknown finders had to rip-off a local supermarket for another unadorned cart – to get the hard-core street hoarder, with an eye for art – to do the trade !!
of course, what also makes it so unique, is the brand-new looking BEAU street canvas painting – attached with yarn stitched loops – to one side.
no word yet, on that story.

close-up: BEAU . . . FREE !

I guess that makes it: a street – combo !!
and better to be re-claimed, than trashed or taken by the cops.

it was now – safe. up on the roof. downtown New York City.
NYC, Manhattan – Fall/autumn 2011 skyline, below 14th St. – looking west north.
. . . just as night closes in.

proud OLEK/BEAU final re-claimer and saver, curator: HESH shares the unique sight on the unique night – with artlovers’ contributing creative editor – Kate Cerigo.

with them, JAKE.

JAKE gave an impromptu recital, and it was sweet indeed. up on the roof . . . with the night coming on.
summer just about to turn to fall.
yes. even in the big Apple we feel the seasons, change. and life progresses accordingly.
p.s. HESH curated the ‘graf’ work on the roof terrace walls.

this night, up on the roof – made super special – by the OLEK/BEAU artwork – at hand. up close and personal.
and a nice, super satisfying shared sense of something ephemeral and beautiful, and yet completely of its time – having been saved – from street erosion or even worse, confiscation by cop.