~Phil Grauer/Seven Thousand Years of War/CANADA

Phil's photo on card

one of the CANADA founders & directors, PHIL GRAUER exhibits
some of his large scale photographs in the CANADA show:
‘Seven Thousand Years of War’. Although they look like cross
sections of large crystal formations – the photographs are actually
shots of: “snowbanks which were spray painted by Sarah Braman
in a Target parking lot in the middle of the night”.

Aidas Bareikis has some intense … ‘end of the world’ like … 3D sculpture/diaramas,
which are ironically all-white, while Sarah Braman
(also a CANADA founder & director) presents some of her hauntingly
prism like, free standing sculptural ‘collages’, as well as some
large, far flung wall pieces thrown up against the wall. .

Seven Thousand Years of War, April 16 – May 15, 2005

to see more photos from the: April 26, 2005 opening

(the image above is scanned from the invite/card)

this posting originally appeared on the artloversnewyork
home page May 15, 2005