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URS FISCHER in front of his large painting, ‘A Novel and Its Novelist’ – at his Winter 2005 – one man exhibit titled, ‘Fig, Nut & Pear’, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Feb 19, 2005

to see more photos from this exhibit, including his famous ‘Bread House’ – hit: artlovers 2005-07-07
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to see the ‘Fig, Nut & Pear’ card, hit: Urs Fischer/Fig, Nut & Pear
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to see another archival photo of URS FISCHER, with his mechanical robot – ‘Airports are like Nightclubs’, from the same, FEB 2005 exhibit, ‘Fig, Nut & Pear’, hit: URS FISCHER/GBE/MIAMI BASEL
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GAVIN BROWN had a solid across-the-board hit when he showed a ‘light-weight’ installation by URS FISCHER in last year’s DEC 2006/MIAMI BASEL FAIR. A beautifully conceived installation, that could be packed up in one carry-on bag (almost) – it stole the show & everybodies imagination – and was covered in every single report on that particular fair – said with no exaggeration.
. . . here is an excerpt from the PETER SCHJELDAHL article, ‘TEMPTATIONS OF THE FAIR’/’Miami virtue and vice’ – which ran in THE NEW YORKER of DEC 25, 2006 – and which you can still find online, in its entirety, here !!

” . . . EXACTLY one work drew raves form art people who still crave audacity: the New York dealer Gavin Brown left his large space almost bare but for a crumpled cigarette pack (Camels, perhaps to evoke the Middle East) which attached by a fishing line to an apparatus high overhead, slowly and hypnotically flew above or skittered along the floor. Conceived by the Swiss artist Urs Fischer, this squandering of prime showroom real estate on the trashed container of an addictive product was a smart insult to the occasion, though an awfully mild one. (The piece sold for a hundred and sixty thousand dollars)…”

up-date: OCT 31, 2007: MIAMI, BASEL & ‘you’

the piece was in an edition of 3 & reportedly all three sold.
if that was audacious – well, what word to use for: ‘you’ !!
one thing is for sure – URS FISCHER is a major artist, this is what kind of thinking it takes – to be considered a major artist in NYC in 2007 & one other thing is for definite sure – he sure ain’t no one-trick pony.
the buzz is that GAVIN and Urs are hoping to sell the concept of the installation – ‘you’ – to be repeated in another major exhibition space – such as a museum.
some people are saying that the exhibit is called – ‘you’ – because when you clamber down into the bottom of the raw – pit – you – are – the – exhibit.

URS FISCHER – ‘you’ runs thru NOVEMBER 24, 2007

Gavin Brown’s enterprise