Mad Vicky & Nicola

Mad Vicky & Nicola #2

NICOLA VASSELL, a gallery director at DEITCH PROJECTS, and MAD VICKY – at the opening of: BIANCA CASADY – Lil Girl Slim “COSMIC WILLINGNESS”, DEITCH PROJECTS, OCT 6, 2007

NICOLA VASSELL is photo profiled, as ‘THE BROKER’ – gallery director & writer, in the new issue of PAPER MAGAZINE (MARCH 2008). She will be curating an upcoming show at DEITCH PROJECTS – to open at the end of this month. (MARCH 29, 6-9PM). Called ‘SUBSTRACTION’ – it aims to show . . “how today’s abstract painters are updating New York School abstraction with the energy of the streets, and the jam packed frequencies they dispense.”
Included in the show – DAN COLEN, ROSSON CROW and STERLING RUBY.

MAD Vicky - Leif
LEIF RITCHEY – at the Lil Girl Slim “Cosmic Willingness” opening. (Leif was actually the only one other person Bianca asked to help her with mounting this exhibit).

Tooya Mad Vicky
TOOYA RITCHEY, at right, with Leif’s sister, CHRISTINA, both wearing LEIF & TOOYA handmade dresses, at the – Lil Girl Slim “Cosmic Willingness” opening.

Mad Vicky Sierra
MAD VICKY’S sister, SIERRA CASADY, (in red) at the Lil Girl Slim “Cosmic Willingness” opening. together they are Coco Rosie. Leif & Tooya made her outfit.

Mad Vicky Sierra
Sierra later performed in this Leif & Tooya costume.

Mad Vicky self portrait
self portrait, MAD VICKY LOPEZ aka Ll Girl Slim aka Red Bone Slim aka Bianca Casady aka . . . . . in – Lil Girl Slim “Cosmic Willingness”.

Mad Vicky self portrait # 2
self portrait, with her sister, BIANCA CASADY, also known as RASTA MAD VICKY LOPEZ . Lil Girl Slim “Cosmic Willingness’, DEITCH PROJECTS, NYC, OCTOBER 2007


more about the show: DEITCH PROJECTS