~DAN LOXTON . . caught the virus / zeitgest

just in case you didn’t process it / re: my last post . .
DAN LOXTON, a stubborn & gritty young artist, based upstate, near Hudson NY . .
def caught the current / novel corona virus crisis / zeitgest in his current show,
‘Dan in Real Life’, now up at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Newburgh, NY.

the tiny invader . . takes on the big institutions, and global humanity.

and more so, both figuratively and literally, re: pure painterly theory / but esp because Dan, as a hardcore indie ‘upstate’ (read: upstart) artist . . showing his work in an out-of-the-ordinary / but incredibly beautiful extraordinary location / very much represents the underdog, re the established art world / and he is a very much a small ‘particle’ – in the mainstream art world food chain, to pack such a great punch / such a huge statement.

the David Goliath myth / swings both ways.

the virus is def taking global humanity & civilization as we know it, or knew it / to it’s knees.

when you factor in, that this show must have been at least several months, in the planning, and as such predates the corona virus attack . . . damn / damn.
Dan nailed it.

go, go . . indie rebel / go, go . . Newburgh !!!
where you will also find: DANIEL GIORDANO, & VICKI ISLAND / SAMUEL BOEHM . . !!!
just to mention a few other, out-size / local & very ambitious talents . . !!

‘Dan in Real Life’ at . . the Karpeles Museum in Newburgh, NY
pictured: ‘Master’, 2019, oil on gypsum board with found text & watercolor on paper.

DAN LOXTON, ‘Master’, 2019.
you, WORLD: bend down before the tiny . . . master !!
the Karpeles pop-up site / a very austere & conservative venue / def underscores the message of the invader threat vs the widely rooted, in historical establishment & laws of being & commerce /
or: life as we knew it.
plus it’s a manuscript . . ‘archive’.

the brute quality of the work is really interesting, but so is it’s shallow, fluttering 3-d depth.
it comes across as a ‘particle’ – as opposed to a flat surface / an ‘invader’.
plus . . it has the urgency of a letter being delivered !!
harsh news / bad news, wake-up call . . . folks,
very very nice.

note: the exhibit runs thru . . . JUNE 2020 /
note: call ahead to see if it’s actually still open to the public ?
all non-essential locales are now closed.
not sure if this includes small town rural / urban museums, but probably, yes. closed.

all images via Instagram @danloxton
& pretty much the only way to ‘see’ art – now.
NYC & NY State, as well as Jersey, is in corona lock-down.

see: DAN LOXTON Instagram feed / @danloxton