~CHIE SHIMIZU / ‘Friends of Neighbors’ / NEIGHBORS / CHINATOWN

we are not alone – if we are surrounded by . . NEIGHBORS !!

CHIE SHIMIZU . . has art-scene-context / resonating ancestor-calling, mythic sculpture portraits – as well /
in the spirited, pretty much . . off-the-wall / inaugural group show, ‘Friends of Neighbors’,
weekends thru end of June 2023 / HRS: 12 – 6 PM

CHIE SHIMIZU, ‘Head No.3’, 2023
wall piece, sculpture
Ultracal, plaster, pigments, seashell powder, white gold leaf, bamboo.
13 x 8.5 x 7 in.
images courtesy Instagram @neighbors_chinatown


@neighbors_chinatown: “Chie Shimizu creates exquisite contemporary sculpture that draws on classical Japanese motifs and and culture. She blends the past with the present with jaw dropping elegance. The figures in her work stare at you with a soul piercing gaze, their origin enigmatic, timeless, and powerful . . . the sculptures represent a sort of worldly balance. They are playful, but also spooky, they are heavy, but at the same time light as a feather, they are yin, but also . . yang.”

“Shimuzu’s technical ability cannot be understated. Outside of the studio, she also works as a teacher and for companies that make massive public sculpture. And yet, she is humble and kind, and generous. In this way, she espouses the balanced energy that radiates from her work.”

I would say it bit differently – just from seeing the work, and not knowing her at all – as Neighbors does. I would say: it is as balanced / as an ancestor of power would be in the infinite moment of . . truth.
Approach with care & utmost – respect.

PHOTOS: via Instagram @neighbors_chinatown