Jason Rhoades-meccatuna

this is a scan of the decal JASON RHOADES produced for his ‘MECCATUNA’ exhibit,
which ran from September 12 thru October 25, 2003, at the DAVID ZWIRNER Gallery,
in Chelsea, NYC. The original is 8 x 8″. It was also the image for the show’s card,
and was identified as: “Neon transformer label, altered and translated, 2003”


In CALIFORNIA – the Code of Civil Procedure denies public access to autopsy reports.


The official cause of death is: heart attack. Everybody is waiting for the autopsy
results, though it is rumored that they won’t be released to the public. not sure of
the finer legal journalistic workings here, but supposedly Walter Robinson over at artnet
has a buddy in L.A. who’s going to get them to him, as soon as they surface.
guess we have to start reading artnet again.

Despite the DAVID ZWIRNER Gallery’s notification that the ‘BLACK PUSSY’
soirees had wrapped over a month ago – reporters are interested in the
autopsy because they feel a need to be vindicated for relating the facts of
the matter as that the death occured at a nightclub performance of a ‘Black Pussy’
event. Being told that the misinformation hurt the family’s feelings was a little
much – since it was the artist himself who put forward the shocking and
controversial title in the first place. At any rate, no disrespect here, Jason was
rumored to be a very intense and party hard kind of guy – in other words: –
when it came to ‘in-your-face’ – he was all there .. and it obviously
took its toll – just specifically how – is what everyone is interested in – especially all
the more the gallery tries to whitewash the whole story – which is the general
feeling that is buzzing from the street up. For example: although it doesn’t
make the facts any less sad or less of a loss for those close to him, his family
unit was not as ‘typical’ as the gallery had made it out to be – reportedly Jason and
his wife were seriously estranged for over a year now.

Reports were also surfacing that Jason’s last two event/performances, including
the recent, now notorious, ‘Black Pussy’ soirees, did really well and he was
rolling in dough. even buying real estate interests ! It was not an
exaggeration to say he was on the brink of (mainstream) success.

In fact, the 2003 ‘MECCATUNA’ exhibit in NYC, did really well too.
although street lore has it that Zwirner was initially
reluctant to put up the initial (high) production costs.

… for those of you who are as clueless as this writer, ‘MECCATUNA’ was
a stand-in for ‘MECCAPU**Y’ – the story being that Jason (or his gallery)
didn’t think you could say ‘MECCAPU**Y’ and live.
As one art wag, recently opined, maybe you can’t get away with saying ‘BLACK PUSSY’
in south central L.A. either ! – who knows what took him down – ? Quentin Tarantino
could have a field day, in fact here’s a vote for MICHAEL MANN to helm the movie bio..
the NY TIMES Obit came with a super photo of Jason leaning back in a chair, in his
studio, very reminiscent of that famous last late photo of Jean Michel Basquiat,
except Jason’s suit was Miami Vice – white, not NYC black…

and WE ALL KNOW what happens to artists who are lucky enough to go out
in a ‘party down’ mode – JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT move over – there is going
to be new competiton at the art auctions.