artist NICHOLAS STEINDORF, and musician DARREN WILL . .
at the 2013 YULIA TOPCHIY/CoWORKER presentation of their ‘SWOLLEN FOOT’ – a ‘startling’ and at the same time ‘poetic’ and deeply felt . . re-telling of the ‘Oedipus Rex’ tragedy. their collaboration was . . very cutting edge: a wordless, mostly abstract and pattern-based digital animation projection on a loop – with original soundtrack.
did I say, no words.
‘SWOLLEN FOOT’ was presented at Entwine, Downtown NYC. MAR 1, 2013.

NICHOLAS STEINDORF and DARREN WILL – will be presenting 6 new digital animation/sound videos – short pieces that will run on a loop . . . at YULIA TOPCHIY’s booth at SPRING/BREAK this week. the theme of her group exhibit is . . . ‘UNSPOKEN DIALOGUE’.

I’ve heard . . . the videos are going to be both “subtle and strong” , so . . I’m curious !!
I’m a huge fan.

when I asked for a little more info, I got:
“We are selling work for $1 per MB”. when I asked for a little more clarification, I got:
“The size of the files range from like 58 MB to 1.3 GB. Meaning that the work ranges from $58 to $1.300. The size of the file (video) is directly related to the price. Much like the size of paintings, photographs, drawings, etc are typically contingent on the size to price ratio. Video can empirically be any size when projected, but there is still a ‘size’ that no one is aware of. Also videos that are most black (empty) are lower in MB size because they don’t have any pixel information. Files that are filled with color and bright whites are typically higher in size because every pixel is being used.”
rock on, indie.

and I guess that covers . . ‘transaction’ !!

so, I asked for just a little more information, and I got:
“The work is a collaboration of Darren and I going back and forth. I put together a batch of videos/drawings and he selected which he thought inspired the kind of sound he wanted to do. Then I made them a bit better, then he did some sound, and then I made them a bit better, and then he made the sound better, etc etc. – Let me know if you want anything else ?” . . . !! !!

can’t wait to see this . . at SPRING/BREAK tomorrow !!
rock on .. Unspoken Dialogues, for sure !!