~Sumakshi Singh/VAN HARRISON

Sumakshi Singh

SUMAKSHI SINGH opened ‘Lumps, Bumps and Things that are Art’, on February 17th, 2006 – at the VAN HARRISON GALLERY, NYC. pictured above at the opening, from left:
gallerist Van Harrison; the artist, Sumakshi Singh; her boyfriend, Carl Petrucci; and, at the right, Travis Harrison, the gallery’s co-director in its NYC re-location.
photo: Nancy Smith

Sumakshi Singh-card

the card for: ‘Lumps, Bumps and Things that are Art’ – installations by SUMAKSHI SINGH. The show ran from February 17 – March 18, 2006 at the initial VAN HARRISON gallery space on 26th Street, in CHELSEA. Newly re-locating to NYC from Chicago, this was Van Harrison’s 3rd show in New York City. (The gallery’s very first NYC show, ‘CARL Z. SUDDATH – New Drawings + Scuplture’ scored a review in the FEB 2006 ARTFORUM.) Caught up in a typical NYC landlord ‘screws-to-the-head’ power play – the gallery is currently in the midst of re-locating – probably to the East Village. Van likes to make his own mark, as anyone who is familiar with his gallery’s Chicago legacy knows, and he wants some space in which to flex his curatorial and creative flair, and get a bit away from the classic Chelsea, “I am a real gallery!” white box format.

on MARCH 7th, 2006 the artlovers home page stated:
… ‘new kids on the block * VAN & TRAVIS HARRISON * have a hit on their hands with their 3rd show – ‘Lumps, Bumps and Things that are Art’ installations by Chicago -based artist * SUMAKSHI SINGH * if you get the impression from the card, above .. that the show’s all about large painting * you’d be absolutely WRONG !! * its one of those shows that seem invisible when you walk in, slowly revealing itself to be exquisite & inventive both visually & conceptually – its also about the only show in town where you can purchase one-of-a-kind artwork – from an artist on the fast track – for between $200- $800 * Van Harrison recently re-located his gallery from Chicago, and runs the NYC venture with his brother, Travis.’

The show also received – a more descriptive – write-up in the GALLERY ‘PICK’ list of the Village Voice, MARCH 15-21, 2006 issue.
Written by R.C. BAKER here’s what was said:
“You make think this empty gallery’s plumbing has gone bad – water stains the wall to shin height; puddles gather in corners; gypsum board buckles; mildew and fungus sprout haphazardly. But those tiny, colorful mushrooms are actually polymer clay and the puddles synthetic, and of course it’s all for sale. That immemorial question “But is it art? gets answered here with wry, backhanded grace.”

photos from the opening