~vintage . . . SATURN !!

FILE UNDER: a timely note from your art world resident ‘sign’ reader !! and accidental star gazer !!

just for the record: there was a huge huge sun storm yesterday, JAN 24, 2012.

no joke – it made national headlines. hot, hot and more hot !!

maybe that’s why flame-yellow winter jackets – are all the rage.

“An immense blast of plasma (?) spewing from the sun is set to bombard Earth today (TUES JAN 24, 2012) with the strongest radiation storm since 2005, prompting a rare warning from US weather officials and even a plan to re-direct certain high-flying planes.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency issued a watch for a geomagnetic storm . . . expected to reach Earth . . . (yesterday).
As a precaution, polar flights are expected to be rerouted . . . according to space.com.
The storm could also affect the power grid.” – NEW YORK POST, pg 2. Tues Jan 24, 2012

YIKES !! we’re under sizzle attack – from our own sun !! . . . . holy Batman !!

needless to say all that white snow that arrived this past weekend – is long gone. just a figment of the imagination ?

talk about auspicious celestial and “mythical” powers at play !!

you can watch the resultant light show – over SWEDEN !! – via state-of-the art digital camera !!
and, WOW . . . dig that cabin – in the sun !!

watch: powerful solar storm sets off amazing Northern lights show . . . “Lights over Lapland” photographer CHAD BLAKLEY – caught the footage !!

talk about , . . fire breathing dragons – in the sky.

p.s. while you are there – you can also watch: ancient galaxies caught on camera, too. next video down, right hand side.

p.s. I also stand corrected re: the use of the term ‘imagination’ in the 2nd previous post – below !!
with reference to dragon myths. ‘imagination’ is formally defined as “the formation of a mental image of something NOT real or present.” though it also means . . . “CREATIVE POWER” and “RESOURCEFULNESS”, huh ? go figure. (THE AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY).
wherein lies the English language dilemma. if you can imagine it – it doesn’t rule out the possibility of it having happened !! dudes. I mean if you can intuit – you might have been informed. and let’s leave it at that.
ok. like how ?
by dreams, old folk wisdom, celestial night sky activity. etc. etc. small everyday signs. tea leaves ? patterns. visions. magic mushrooms. i.e. the stuff of our civilization, just saying.
I mean who I am to say – dragons did not exist ?
if gods existed, as in Greek myths, or angels, as in the Bible – let me tell you, dragons did breathed fire in the skies. . . and not just in paintings and literature.

case in point : below !! VINTAGE PRESCIENT – from the 70s !! of JAN 23, 2012 – OR – WHAT !!!!!!!!
and yeah I picked it up a few weeks ago – at a JERSEY CITY thrift shop !!

THE HOW AND WHY Wonder Book of STARS – (!!) and, note the price: 69 cents !!
written by NORMAN HOSS – Illustrated by JAMES PONTER.
Edited under the supervision of Dr. PAUL E. BLACKWOOD, Washington, D.C.
text and illustrations approved by OAKES A. WHITE, BROOKLYN CHILDREN’S MUSEUM, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.
yep, its from the hood – though overseen by Washington D.C. !! resident.
published by GROSSET & DUNLAP, NEW YORK – this is the 1972 printing.
the book was originally copyrighted in 1960 !!

the green light must be from night vision camera ?

and yes !! – that’s our modern-day hero – SATURN !! forefront and center – the only known planet with rings !!
and does that sun flare (!!) – not look like two fighting red Chinese dragons, going head-to-head , or what ?
and, didn’t that just happen – yesterday ?
just saying.
and yeah do the web research: the quest begin begins . . . why is the color red so important in Chinese culture !!
and, good luck !!

so . . . someone wanna tell me – they didn’t see ‘dragons’ – huge solar flares – in ancient China. ha. for sure.

and oh yeah. about the the constellations moving . . . picture the pin points of the constellation map as if on a thin mylar sheet over the map of the earth’s sky. it can move, like a third level transparent navigation bar – but the original ‘birth’ impulses remain stationary.

and that is why astrology and tarot cards, too – go figure – are still in synch.

though of course as the pin point star, as in ancient constellation navigation diagram is moving – come on, where’s the surprise – we all know – the stars do travel – it must mean something.

and of course future generations – of astrologers – need a wake-up call on the new alignment.

this movement of the celestial zodiac symbols must mean something. maybe that’s the new world – !! – the Mayans were talking about.
maybe a big celestial time lock – as in a top-notch combination lock – just opened up ? beats me !!
who am I. I’m just a 21st century artist. watercolor at that !!

BUT yes, the stars and the planets, and whatever the hell else is out there – moons, comets. you name it, solar flares affect us. directly, and by extension . . . our destinies. not to mention our moods and struggles. aggressive war times vs. peaceful agrarian times. dark ages and renaissances.

it’s kinda funny what they say. the more things change, the more they stay the same.
from the solar storm of yesterday – it’s pretty obvious in tangible terms (as opposed to magic or astrological terms) -that the heavenly bodies, exert forces on earth and its denizens. and so yes, just like in the old days – we try to make sense of our lives and chart (safe) paths with our observed knowledge of the skies. just as our most ancient collective global ancestor did. with their zodiac charts and ‘myths’.

once greatly debunked . . . as ‘magic’ these ancient wisdoms – have been made more real in our lifetimes – by the actual tangible effect, such as the solar flare had yesterday – our modern wireless power grids, etc. (!!)
that’s a great irony, think about it.

and yes, these wisdoms were debunked in this book. so, if you are still with me, star fanatics – hooray for the collective unconscious of the internet web – and the New York City art world !! – to right things !!
the wireless world web – the new star gazers: ‘bowl’ of choice !!
if you read the science pages, as well as the art reviews, you’ll know what I mean.

we’ll give the vintage ‘STARS’ book above – the parting words . . .

“SATURN, [one of the 4 giant planets along with with Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune] is the most spectacular planet of all . . . to see through a telescope. This is because of its remarkable rings. These are bright, thin bands around the equator of the planet. The entire ring system is 171,000 miles across from the outer to the inner edge, but probably no more than ten miles thick.” (!!)
(I’m thinking optical computer drives . . . dispensing knowledge – if not celestial LSD. but hey, that’s just my imagination.)

“It has been determined that the rings are made up of separate tiny particles, each moving in its own orbit. ” . . . seriously, try to get your head around that.

“They are probably ice particles averaging a tenth (!!) of an inch in diameter. In addition to its rings, Saturn has ten known satellites.”

all I know is – from time immemorial – SATURN was seen as the universal, or really, earthly – “re-boot” – when it passed by closest to our earth, on it’s 30 year orbit.

SATURN is also know as FATHER TIME, as well as the super god of agriculture and justice – key moments and concepts in our pre-history . . . because of the planet’s ‘enlightening’ effect when it passed closest – and resultant decline as it moved away. that 30 year cycle was understood in ancient days – through the (ground) rules of agriculture.
i.e. you sow seeds. you cultivate. they grow, you harvest, you eat. the end, an annual repeat on earth.
these truths be self-evident to our ancestors who almost all – worked the land.

probably as well, in olden times to live to see Saturn, at any point, but esp to be 30 – if you were born in a Saturn phase – was quite a milestone. because most likely most earthly primate human inhabitants – did not. live so long. thus Saturn came to be feared – and symbolized as the old man with the scythe out to get ya. tarot cards, anybody.
where’s Jung when we really need him. . . . trapped in a dirty old man’s movie circa 2012 – yes . . . ‘A DANGEROUS METHOD’. whatever. Keira Knightley, seriously I really wish you well.

multiply that by the agriculture-based rule of: you reap what you sow, if you had been bad – judgement was coming. some peoples call that: karma. and I sure hope it exists. cause if you’ve ever been wronged – it’s a very comforting thought re your enemies.

just enough comfort to get you through – another earthly day !!