Sept 19 – Oct 19, 2008


perhaps best known (to some) as the longtime better half of JOE BRADLEY – Eunice surpassed expectations and rocked the scene with her first all-EUNICE ONLY !! outing !! word that 500 homemade funny-tasting magic brownies
were in easy reach to all takers – was just the icing on the cake !! Eunice literally covered the walls with open-ended & completely off-the-wall art !! – and bounced the gallery goers into a total alternative 360 degrees blow-out visual/spatial experience.

Eunice # 1
EUNICE KIM – photographed at the RITA ACKERMANN/ANDREA ROSEN GALLERY OPENING, ‘Don’t Give Me Salad (Nurses)’. a few weeks before her own opening. SEPT 12, 2008

Eunice # 2
the card for: EUNICE KIM – ‘Moon the Magic Loser’, Sept 19-Oct 19, 2008. CANADA.
ok. we missed the opening !!
first of all – I dunno the card – didn’t kinda rock us. it looked a little too hokey, homey & crafty. mistake.
two. we had a paying gig – somewhere else, just as good in Brooklyn. what can I say unless someone clones us, or pays us enough – to jump in a cab to make it all the way back to Canada in Chinatown – good luck, artlovers !!

Eunice # 3
EUNICE KIM/’Moon The Magic Loser’ installation shot – COURTESY/CANADA
there are a few good installation & opening pix on the: CANADA website !!

Eunice # 4
but, we did know enough of seeing Eunice’s work in small group shows, and really liking her in person, to know we should get down to see the show, at a better time !!
first thing – we noticed on the gallery communal table – a selection of hardcover one-of-a-kind books by BRIAN BELOTT.

Eunice # 5
then we noticed this strange little new age drawing hanging on a rough piece of cardboard, forlornly from the ceiling !!

Eunice # 6
then we noticed the whole gallery was basically, literally, covered from wall to ceiling with paper, where objects ‘found’ and man-made, moved in and out of space and perception. feelings, and concepts, and graspings of Eunice’s longing to re-define art, galleries, plastic space, objects. art product, non-product, consumerism, non-consumerism, our times, and the world !! took shape, took over – and we just gave into the rich, often startling, kind of crazy tipsy transparent, wavering & contrary 3-D experience.

individual pieces within the wavering almost camo (flage) shallow plasticity – became signaled as ‘product’ with names and prices – just the way your eye starts to pick out shapes as it adjustments to the dark in a new nighttime setting. the broom within the horizontal freestanding metal circle thus, is: ‘Old Friend’, 2008, mixed media, 61 x 36 x 36 in. ($4,000).

Eunice # 7
installation view. EUNICE KIM, ‘Moon the Magic Loser’.
(love the show’s name, by the way.)

Eunice # 8
at left, foreground: ‘Holy Powers in Wait#2′, 2008, mixed media. 88 x 35 x 27 in. ($5,000).
at right, foreground: “Stumped’, 2008, mixed media, 38 x 24 x 23 in. ($4,000)

Eunice # 10
installation view. EUNICE KIM, ‘Moon the Magic Loser’.

Eunice # 11
installation view. EUNICE KIM, ‘Moon the Magic Loser’.

installation view. EUNICE KIM, ‘Moon the Magic Loser’.

Eunice # 13
the transition forom one part of the gallery to another.
EUNICE KIM, ‘Moon the Magic Loser’.

Eunice # 14
EUNICE KIM. there were a lot of homemade, man-made one-of-a-kind light fixture/designer sculptures shown last year, including, notably ANDY COOLQUIT at LISA COOLEY. Eunice had some, too. several in fact.

Eunice # 15
not quite a lamp fixture, but luminous all the same. EUNICE KIM, ‘Sigmund’s Request’, 2008, mixed media, 32 x 23 x 21 in. ($3,000) – yo !! a steal – hope some dumbass was smart enough to jump for that !!

eunice # 17
our very favorite !! a real insider’s piece !! Eunice is every bit as bright, droll, and tongue-in-cheek cheeky, as Joe is !!
EUNICE KIM, ‘Joe’s Peeve’, 2008, mixed media, 23 x 25.5 in. ($2,000).

Eunice # 18
EUNICE KIM, ‘Welcome Home’, 2008. mixed media. 25 x 17 x 15 ins. ($3,000).

Eunice # 19
EUNICE KIM – another fav piece that made us miss – Little Cakes, Evah Fan, and WALL-E !!

Eunice # 20
a last look – a sad, plaintive little human-faced piece of saved-from-extinction !! cardboard, waving in the creative mad-within-a-purpose thrown-up against the wall – EUNICE KIM installation – ‘Moon the Magic Loser’.


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