getting back to the young, with-it, and truly happy crazy creative !!

of course the best and most funniest !! move clips to surface – this year – are the Portlandia series – no offense, DIYers and gender benders !! if you hear your roommate falling over with laughter, at their laptop – it’s because they’ve tuned into the truly hysterical Portlandia universe, which manages to be witty, outrageous, and yet not really that mean-spirited, and goes down easy. way easy. it’s a rainy day – mood breaker. visual popcorn for the creative pros, that’s for sure . . . super fun, for everybody else. the laughs just keep on coming.

this spoof of America’s fave alternative lifestyle city, and mecca to the new age hordes – Portland, Orgeon – was brought to life, wouldn’t you know it – by three super wicked funny SNL, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, as in NEW YORK CITY !! – alumnae: FRED ARMISEN, CARRIE BROWNSTEIN, and JONATHAN KRISEL. Krisel is the man behind the scenes. Fred and Carrie, also co-creators and co-writers – just waltz off this planet – with their various Portlandia caricatures.
Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnaz . . . can finally rest in peace, and . . . move over.

Portlandia plays current shows on the IFC channel, which also spools past episodes !! – and the whole back series has also just come out on Netflix instants, too.

just, don’t ever call me NANCE !!

CARRIE BROWNSTEIN and FRED ARMISEN – classic !! in Portlandia – forever !!
image: IFC

I think that about . . . . says it all !!
image: IFC

so here’s a great web cruise for a so-cold, let’s stay inside day, start with: PORTLANDIA, IFC
so, don’t miss the great cast bios !! watch the clips and get background info – it’s big fun fan site !!

and while you are there. . . root around a bit, and sign up to have your site – pickled, too: we can pickle that !!

and yes !! that is local Lower East Side hero from way back in the hood – 80s: and now big Empire Broadway honcho – STEVE BUSCHEMI – on the ‘PORTLANDIA: Customers Only’ episode.

though . . . . . if pressed.

yes, if pressed, if I had to pick out one all time fave – I’d have to go with: PORTLANDIA: Put a Bird on It !!

but really every episode is ace. . . from ‘Dumpster Diving’ to bring ‘Your Own (shopping) Bag’ !! Portlandia – it just keeps on giving. Portlandia – rules.
in fact, I say Fred Armisen, (who plays Obama on SNL), and Carrie Brownstein – should take over for Barack and Michelle, for real . . . for a day or two, at the very least. get things back on track.
and when the Oscars get boring – you know where to turn.

designed by DKNG Studios – on: IFC – PORTLANDIA website/POSTERS !!

MATT BUA – are you diggin’ it ?

p.s. the planet SATURN squares up with Earth – tomorrow – the 20th of January, 2012. no doubt about it. god of agriculture and all. ha.
in a new age nutshell: you reap – what you sow !!
and, yeah. I’m waiting big time on that – but maybe I shouldn’t be holding . . . my breath.

and oh, yeah . . .

the HSMG – Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild (!!) is holding their 15th annual conference in Portland, Oregon – this May 9-11, 2012.
just saying . . .
it’s a long story, let’s just say the DIY web query began with: dropped bar of soap down the toilet, how to fix ?