~’Tales from the Sustainable Underground’ by STEPHEN HREN

actually the whole title is:

‘Tales From the Sustainable Underground: A Wild Journey with People Who Care More About the Planet Than the Law’ (!!)

. . . the latest tome from STEPHEN HREN – it seems to be written with great wit and determination – and even includes a well-deserved look-see on local New York artist, eco-architect, and intuitive builder: MATT BUA (!!)

just . . . gotta love that intuitive builder genre, or what !!

as well as including profiles on: solar guru ED EATON, and radical urban permaculturists SCOTT KELLOGG and STACY PETTIGREW, to name just a few.

‘Tales From the Sustainable Underground’ by STEPHEN HREN. Published SEPT 2011 by New Society Publishers, Canada.
cover design by DIANE McINTOSH.

from the press release:
“Activists striving for any type of social change often find themselves operating on the fringes of legal and ssocial norms. Many experience difficulties when their innovative ideas run afoul of antiquated laws and regulations that favor a big business energy-and-material-intensive approach. ‘Tales From the Sustainable Underground’ is packed with the stories of just some of these pioneers — who care more for the planet than the rules — whether they’re engaged in natural building, permaculture, community development, or ecologically based art. Ride along and meet (the) courageous and inspiring individuals” . . . at the forefront of – the new wave – heading into 2012 !!

and, maybe, just maybe . . . we’ll make it to 2015 !!

the book is published by New Society Publishers.
here’s the low-down on the book: ‘Tales From the Sustainable Underground’ – New Society Publishers
p.s. – their website in general is quite a trip, that is: worth a look-see – not the least for its minimal design compounded by far reaching content !!
these guys really want to change the world !! – see: New Society Publishers

and don’t forget to hit: their ‘about page’ . . . which includes the image above !!
with 30 years worth of could-be-world-changing books under their belt – they are now coming to ya – outta Canada !!

. . . but back to the book at hand.

apparently, and I believe it – AMAZON says the book is both entertaining and informative.

‘Tales from the Sustainable Underground’ is a “must-read for sustainability activists in any field, or for anyone who wants to learn about more radical forms of sustainability activities . . in an entertaining way.”

there that goes that word entertaining again – but hey, truth be told, and it’s a wise old saying, science backing and all: truth is beauty – especially forward-looking and totally out-of-the box truth. and beauty is entertaining, is it not ??!! esp one that aims to turn around this big sinking-fast ship – of a planet we call home.

and to back it up – leave it to AMAZON to give you a peep at a chapter !! on the left, hit First Pages . . .

and it goes like this, Chapter I – Detroit – (!!) – and you can keep on going till the end of the chapter. . . and you will keep on going.

and if you hit, Surprise Me! and scroll down . . . a little further down on that AMAZON left hand options square – you get some equally marvelous pages that – that contained a passage that caught my eye – !! – page xvi: ” . . . To anyone who’s ever lived underground (i.e. hiding from the law) . . . there’s always that fear of the dreadful moment of getting caught.”

what . . . who, me ?