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Michael mahalchick paris

Michael Mahalchick – scavenged, stitched, woven and whatever ! sculpture !

Photos: courtesy Atelier Cardenas Bellanger, Paris

JUST IN FROM PARIS !! .. for its summer exhibit the Atelier Cardenas Bellanger is pleased to announce a 2 person show of the New York based artists: BRIAN BELOTT and MICHAEL MAHALCHICK.

… “both artists employ a certain obsessive-compulsive sensibility for accumulating traces of their creative gestures; and yet this explosive gestural expression is contained in tight, compact forms. It is this sensibility that creates an almost child-like play between retention and expulsion. Both artists also share, albeit in different ways, a certain debt to the ready-made, with both creating their work based on objects and graphics with a pre-determined history, lending their work a certain hint of nostalgia.” – from the press release – … the French way of saying things, is so interesting, you can see an immediate cultural shading, so different from our own.

Its worth checking out the Atelier Cardenas Bellanger, PARIS website. They’ve put on some really interesting shows, several, looks like at least 3, involving downtown’s favorite artist & musician, DEVENDRA BANHART. “Yo mire un garza mora dandole combate a un rio” a group show, that ran from Oct 8-Nov 12, 2005, was curated by Devendra and included work by MATTEAH BAIM, VASHTI BUNYAN, WILL LEMON & RED BONE SLIM (Bianca Cassady).

(can you remember the summer CANADA first showed Devendra’s works & they were going for $200 a piece – Art Lovers can: check out: artnet archives 2003) & scroll down to the JUNE 14, 2003 CANADA show – “You Are My Sunshine, You Is My Sunshine”)

There also appears to be a show in the works at Atelier Cardenas Bellanger, for the DANIEL REICH artist, L. A. based, HENRY TAYLOR – coming up DEC 2006 – JAN 2007

Atelier Cardenas Bellanger
43, rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris, France

BRIAN BELOTT & MICHAEL MAHALCHICK have extensive coverage on artlovers.
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