OCT 3 – OCT 17, 2014

this was a seriously awesome, and moving . . show.
so I’m putting up the pix right now, before they fall thru the cracks.

ERIK DEN BREEJEN paints a mural at ATLANTIC RECORDS – is up next.
DEATH BY ART, and . . 170 SUFFOLK will follow & we’ll leave the CAB/BROOKLYN COMICS ART FEST coverage for a little later – just in time to sync with, brighten & lighten the lead-in to the xmas holidays. time passes so quickly once you hit October, and then the summer is up and over and . . it’s Christmas ?!!

JULIAN GILBERT was handling the gallery the day I dropped by – Julian has a B.F.A. in Photography from SVA, class of 2009. he’s also a native New Yorker – having grown up on the east side of Manhattan, around 14th St. and trust me – that counts for a LOT !!

behind him is a large piece by PETER SUTHERLAND, ‘Seen, Not Heard’, 2014.
wood/vinyl, 4 ft. x 6 ft.

this was a nice lead-in piece to the show, silent – but immense in emotion, beautifully proportioned. speaking to the vast desert, and the ever-shifting, but also cohesive – infinite nano particles that compose it. a footprint, looking like concrete, and looking like sand shifting before your very gaze – a classic image – re-formatted.
speaking to deep friendships, passage of time, and finally . . to making – ‘your mark’.

yes, that’s an ASGER CARLSEN t-shirt, Julian is wearing.


and, follow some of this: ASGER CARLSEN GOOGLE SEARCH

actually, JULIAN GILBERT . . has a pretty amazing website, himself !!
that logo/banner: ‘dumbluck’ is . . a riot, and a great VISUAL.
like we like to say around here: indie NYC . . rules.

check out: JULIAN GILBERT / dumbluck

but, back to the show !!

JIM MANGAN, ‘Untitled (#23)’, 2014.
ink jet print, 50 in. x 33 in.
(11 in. x 17 in. edition of 3 – $500 ea.)
(24 in. x 16 in. edition of 2 – $900 ea.)

it’s exciting to see shows at MUDDGUTS, not only because they are so on the edge, but because the place itself – has a great hardcore, from-the-streets up . . vibe.

the desert, it’s loneliness, mystery.
JIM MANGAN also captures in exquisite compositions – it’s profound capacity for graphic . . tracery.

in the face of amazement at how pink things were – out there, I forgot to ask: what is this ?

JIM MANGAN, ‘Untitled (#21)’, 2014.
ink jet print, 60 in. x 40 in.
(11 in. x 17 in. edition of 3 – $500)
(24 in . x 16 in. edition of 2 – $900)

this photo – had a more literal snippet of a narrative, a red truck or monster SUV pulling a huge RV – and flying down the road, snow banks adding to the horizontal, never-ending journey . . .

JULIAN turned me on to the pretty obvious – JUM MANGAN likes to get to the tallest point around in any particular location and zero in, I get that.
I like doing that to the art I see, bringing up the details, the nano-world. ‘scale’ – is just so much of the – the real deal / total picture.

he must use a very high definition large format camera, most definite on tripod.
the pixel-ation up close – is intense. very very ‘active’, most def adds to the ‘unseen’ or ‘hidden’ emotionalism of the pieces – for sure.

JIM MANGAN, ‘Untitled (#20)’, 2014.
ink jet print, 45 in. x 32 in.
(11 in. x 17 in. edition of 3 – $500)
(24 in. x 16 in. edition of 2 – $900)

nature-made, not – man-made.

this desert / world . . has so much pink in it.

JIM MANGAN and PETER SUTHERLAND turn out to be close friends, who met in college. as the gallery notes: their works “celebrate a shared affinity for nature, particularly the mountainous regions of UTAH and COLORADO.” but, while JIM MANGAN remains Utah-based, with a very nomadic lifestyle, PETER SUTHERLAND lives and works here in NYC. but he’s also known to be very ‘nomadic’, in that he travels, and documents those travels, a lot – as well.
according to the Muddguts notes . . Peter Sutherland is also known as The Aging Skater, The Prophet Dube, Tree Beard, and best of all . . Prince Peh Peh !!

PETER SUTHERLAND had a huge, and very real ‘crystal’ on display, wonderfully imbedded with a man-made element / i.e. the human touch. the colors and details of this giant ‘translucent’ rock crystal – beautifully echoed that previous photograph by JIM MANGAN.

I can’t give you very much more info on it, as it’s not included on the gallery works list – except to say: it was sold immediately . . during the opening.
collectors of cutting edge art, take note, you just can’t blink.

a dissected crystal, that’s so metaphorically . . un-bound, organic, lush. almost porn – in it’s sensuousness. in contrast to . . it’s cold hard surface.
esp when one considers – a man-made ‘boundary’ runs through it.
in that, it very much echoes those photograph landscapes of JIM’S: I was . . here.

although known mostly as a photographer and filmmaker, in fact Peter SUTHERLAND had more ‘objects’ in the show than . . photographs.

this is one of 2 vertical displays of . . hand-painted, silver reflective paint, ‘mud flaps’ – by PETER SUTHERLAND.

PETER SUTHERLAND, ‘Back Off’, 2014.
mud flap, with reflective silver paint, 17 in. x 20 in.

$300 – for the PAIR, unique images . . on heavy-duty rubber ????

count me . . in !!!
I bought this set, on the spot.

PETER SUTHERLAND, ‘Fuck Fear’, 2014.
mud flap, 17 in. x 20 in.
(SOLD – $300/pair)

and my ‘friend’ who came with me to see the show, bought this set !!
after I bought mine, and I got so jealous – because then I noted her’s actually had “Peter Sutherland” inscribed around the lower right half of the ‘sun’.
damn, there is NO winning – even when you’re winning !!
fuck it – I still like MY ‘face in a truck-box’ – !!
it’s those sad sack – carton eyes . . that got to me.
and, come-on . . muddguts – mud flaps, hysterical funny, or what !!!!!!

PETER SUTHERLAND, ‘Keep On Truckin!’, 2014.
mud flap, 17 in. x 20 in.
(SOLD – $300/pair)

I would have bought this one, too – but I was tapped out.

mud flap, 17 in. x 20 in.


Actually JIM also had some non-photographs in the show, he had some really colorful vintage aluminum snow discs, or one-person ‘sleds’ hanging from the gallery ceiling. they were covered in what I’m assuming were the vintage stickers, that the original ‘kid’ owner had put on them.

these were essentially very scary fast, one man sleds, that you hopped onto and held onto for dear life, as you went spinning, and hurtling – down the snowy slopes.
we used to do that a lot when I was a kid growing up, in Montreal. we used to head up Mt. Royal, in 3 or 4 layers of clothing – you know, that big mountain in the center of the city, and how we survived, I do not know. there were trees and brushes. no supervision, and everywhere – dare devil kids speeding by – right on course to hit you. man, you had to be . . quick. it was friggin steep, and icy !! you had to, literally – rock and roll your way out of danger, on those discs – as you hung onto those small leather straps, with your double layers of snow-encrusted, icy frozen mittens.

I bet they don’t let the kids do that – anymore !!