did you check out any of those videos on the VIRTUAL DREAM CENTER exhibitons – video/page ?

one of them really struck a nerve tonight – as the American Presidential elections . . really slide south. as a ‘all downhill’ from here on – tonight.

what ?
Huma Abedin had official government / state dept. no less / Benghazi . . I hate to ask / over a thousand / govt emails on a yahoo account ? are you kidding me ?
on a laptop shared with her pervy pol husband ? are you kidding me ?
was it just a dream & can I wake up – now ?
even a 5 yr old knows .. yahoo is the least secure site in the whole damn infinite digital universe, you couldn’t make this stuff up – if you tried. Obama should just declare emergency war measures, with one of our active enemies, who cares, just name one. Russia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran . . . and just friggin cancel the whole damn farce, I mean election. til they can come up with some better candidates. Lin Manuel . . does come to mind.
yes, LIN MANUEL . . for President.

the thought of either Hillary or Trump in the White House, for very different reasons, esp tonight. – makes me want to vomit. is that how ANARCHY – begins ?
if so, then bring on the anarchy.
it sure is doing the art world some good, to be all shook – up.

how does a country fall apart so fast ? we’re so young, only like some 200 years and already we are like the doomed last cycle Romans – the rules suffocate the system, the citizens feel hopeless, good men cannot rise to the top, and everybody is watching the games: football !! and just hoping if they eat enough hot wings, chips & dip / things will right themselves ???

BENOIT AUBARD (of the bard ? lol, sweet !!), and ANNE-CHARLOTTE YVER (of the dark cold Hiver /Game of Thrones winter ?) – their video on Virtual Dream Center . . really struck a nerve, a chord – with me.

Virtual Dream, NOT !!!!!!!

‘Storage Center’, hmm.
is that computer code for new age: ORACLE ? / or: THE FUTURE IS A DEBACLE, lord, lord. lordy . . please tell me it isn’t so – I see so much talent and hope around me.

their ‘KILL JOY’ – seems to be ‘exactement’ . . . right on.

OH LORD . . .

KILL JOY. 2 little words. big meaning.
yep. pictures are worth a thousand words, esp on the back of . . a hoodie !!

well done, mes amies. dreamers, storytellers, seekers. truth from the mouths of babes.

watch: their video on YouTube