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say what ? Pseudo . . .


if you checked out that . . . WE LIVE IN PUBLIC trailer . . . you might recall Josh’s opening lines . . . yes, that is his voice narrating. and yes, that is him – in this frame from the opening credit – ‘social networking’ grid. he begins WE LIVE IN PUBLIC trailer thus:

“The Internet is like this new human experience. at first everybody’s going to like it but there will be a fundamental change in the human condition. one day we are all going to wake up and realize we’re all servants . . . it’s captured us.”

there is a firestorm with regards to that prescient statement going on . .. on the web right now. apparently the hacker group ‘anonymous’ has left behind targeting corporate targets, for now, anyways – and used their prodigious skills to hit back . . at a child predator, on the web. who targeted and bullied his young victim mercilessly on the web and Facebook. on that great social networking ‘frontier’, and as such – it’s a pretty raw, if not lawless domain.

and do we want rules on the grid, anyways. well if not rules, yes to RESPECT.

RESPECT to content and copyright, respect to other people, irregardless of age. but esp the very vulnerable and young.

it was fun to have something so wide open, free and unknown. but humans be beasts, even more so, cyber beasts – so what you gonna do. I want to stand up for freedom, despite the fallout, for totally wide open spaces. but being a cyber pioneer, might already be over, as the situation goes clearly so, south.

see: ‘Anonymous outs man, 32, who drove girl, 15, to suicide by spreading topless photos of her . . ‘ – Daily Mail UK

and make sure you hit Amanda’s word placard video at the end of that post – I can’t get an independent link, right now.

ok, no, I don’t want to exploit/hijack this, and you should hit that link and read the story for yourself !!

in a new world without rules, esp as regards our children, vigilantism – is at the top of the agenda ?

I’m telling you, orcas, you know those black & white killer whales and humans are basically: no diff.
mucho aggression and destructive behavior, with both killer species – needing the help of their elders (anonymous ?) . . . to ensure survival of the young.

this month started off with a violent thread, and guess what, even HONEY BOO BOO needs a full time bodyguard now, too.


one: when there are no rules – there will be violence. I reacted to bullying done against me at QUIET by smacking and almost killing somebody. not my fault she was sitting on a flimsy chair, when she taunted me, yes she was a mean girl personified and the floor underneath her was concrete. and no, I would never find myself in that situation again.
or would I ?
some humans fight. some crumble.
I do remember Josh and crew did NOT back me up . . when I demanded some rules. and in fact much to my chagrin, disgust, and disappointment – they threw me out for being violent ???
but. maybe I’m still alive, as in being vital – to tell the tale – because I did get violent ?
as opposed to crumble. but I’m also not 15.
being in the NYC art world, if nothing else – did toughen up me.
‘QUIET, GUNS & QUILTS’ – is me !!

note: scroll down & see that very first artlovers OCT 2012 post, ‘THE PSEUDO BOWLING PARTY .. BLACK & WHITE’ . . which is starting to make more sense, bye the way. so much for talking in cyber tongues, just saying . . .

two: I like that name ‘anonymous’. though I don’t like being hacked, and last year I was hacked – almost to death. geez I’m an art site, you guys !! whose side are you on, anyways. it speaks up to to the real scary issues behind the ‘web’ – the potential for hoax, to be hidden. to be a cyber avatar.

three: ‘anonymous was a woman’ – is a ‘key’ phrase in the quilt world – where most of the quilts were never signed by their makers, and their personal history has thus been lost – but their messages: spirituality, creativity and striving for the good – remain. to live on for-evah !!

the web mirrors the quilt world – again. just saying . . . though unlike the web, there is NO evil in the quilt worlds. there are no voodoo quilts.

four: regarding the anonymous video. the music is scary. Batman-like, new world gone bad – like. fearsome.
it adds to the chilling factor of who really is behind this. what happens to the person they target, and what happens if this tangent for reprisal – gets out of hand, but also what IF this is the ONLY way to keep the web healthy ? and free.
also again: who controls the media – controls the world. communication is KEY in our world.

five: note the cinematic simulated ‘broadcast’ opening graphics. and the faceless logo. the narrator’s Guy Fawke’s mask. visual graphics are an important element . . . in a communication world that is posted on a visual, as well as verbal . . . platform.

the anonymous logo. well they be …. masters of the web, of course you can’t get a CLEAN screenshot !!

anonymous opening credits . . like Batman come to life, when the movie franchise was good, dude – not now.
new world TV – up from the street. also scary as all hell.
but, maybe that’s a good thing – in the extreme new cyber world ?

watch: anonymous – outs Amanda Todd’s . . . bully / web tech child predator.


maybe that’s what LUVVY – was all about ? the underbelly.