~MAX SCHUMANN/Bread and Puppet

Max Schumann

MAX SCHUMANN, Associate Director of PRINTED MATTER, at his usual post,
‘LOVELY DAZE’ inaugural issue – book launch, PRINTED MATTER, Oct 22, 2005
Photo: Nancy Smith

. . . talking with CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, about his handmade wooden ‘puppet’ figures,
BREAD and PUPPET came up – Christopher had visited their Vermont workshops in the past, and he mentioned that MAX SCHUMANN, (known to art scene locals, as the omnipresent associate director of the non-profit art bookstore PRINTED MATTER), is – in fact, the son of renowned BREAD and PUPPET founder, PETER SCHUMANN. There is a family resemblance, come to think of it !

this photo first posted in the artlovers report of: 2006-01-17
(scroll down – pix from the ‘LOVELY DAZE’ book launch are towards the bottom)

BREAD&PUPPET official website
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