~ANDY MISTER / @helensaidthis . . turning the small – into the damn funnie & then, takes off with . . urgency – BPP / update THURS FEB 18, 2016

or is that: turning the damn small – into the . . . BIG funnie ?

got consent ? FOUND image by ANDY MISTER
artlovers: depends where you’re putting it . . !!
image via Instagram . . @helensaidthis

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ANDY MISTER, ‘Fred Hampton’s Deathbed’, 2015. carbon pencil on handmade paper on panel, 20 x 16 in.

FRED HAMPTON, 1948-1969. African-American activist & revolutionary. Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party – who was gunned down in his sleep – by the ‘authorities’.

behind every joker . . the tears of a clown, ain’t that the truth !!

UP-DATE: THURS FEB 18, 2016 – 12:46 PM

growing up Canadian, and, just not knowing . . everything !!

I posted this artwork by ANDY MISTER . . because it really resonated with me. as a pure visual. raw, powerful. skills. I was first drawn to look at his work yesterday, I had checked it out before . . by the seemingly ‘random’, but very catchy !! & simple, ‘single unit’ image of a ‘small’ object – he had just posted to Instagram.
you know, the single cell . . of the big info aggregate. it’s fun to see what grabs our attention – in the huge sea of images & info we swim in.

that’s what I mean: how one small image can grab your attention . . and before you know it – you are up, off and running down info highway. Alice in Wonderland – among the infinite universe of Instagram posts.

in this case . . first I googled FRED HAMPTON & I found out who he was. and I was amazed. and I thought that – was that. but I guess there was a reason why ANDY MISTER had highlighted this particular work of his, done in 2015 – on his homepage.

because . . a couple of hours later I turn on my TV – and there is the PBS documentary . . ‘THE BLACK PANTHERS: Vanguard of the Revolution’ . . playing in my living room, on my big screen. I almost fell off my couch, oh yeah. the serendipity of the ‘info’ food chain & catching the wave.
the life of a dedicated ‘super-encounterer’, oh yeah.
jump started from: art.
now, that’s what makes me feel – it’s all for REAL.

sometimes in the search for art, I call that “following the bread crumbs” . . but this was much more than that – because it was such a random , a lucky, random connect. the power of the digital web. the power of the digital collective mind. the power of the . . ‘info trippin’.
talent seeking. world understanding. they used to use TAROT CARDS back in the day. before computers & smart phones.
just joking, maybe.

lol, the power of “Cultivating the Art of Serendipity” – by PAGAN KENNEDY, NYT
she coined the word: super-encounterer. & all the power to ya.

which I only found because . . an artist I follow, ever since I saw his work at LITTLE CAKES back in the 2000s . . BRENDAN MONROE . . @brendantheblob – did the huge wonderful illustration that accompanied it & took up 3/4 of the NYT, Sunday Review page of . . Jan 3, 2016.

I don’t have emojis on this keyboard – or I’d be going crazy with fireworks !!
fer sure.