oh my god, could anything be worse than New York City this week ?
it’s so predictable. it’s so market-driven, it’s so embarrassing.

what ? is the only good artist .. a DEAD ONE ?!!!
we are so sick of JEFF KOONS, or what.
his retrospective hasn’t even opened, and we’re sick of him.

this guy peaked in the 80s – give me a break, that’s 40 yrs ago. and he’s still cutting edge ?
I don’t think so. he’s SO played out.
just take one look at that lame poetry/drawing piece he just did for the New York Times.
no wonder all his other stuff, is fabrication-driven. he even has an outside/consultant balloon wizard guy, design his balloons.

I used to be a big fan, but I guess that shows where my head’s at, it was the work inspired by that Italian porn chick – that I dug !! apparently his art rep took a big dive after that. well like I said, once a contrarian, always !!
but a word to the wise. look out, all ye would-be nouveau collectors . . . buying art is just like buying stocks, you have to look for the under-rated guys, not the over-valued ones, that everyone has already bought into – in which case, you have already .. missed the boat.

not to mention that awful awful cover portrait on NEW YORK magazine

if you are in town, and you really want to see some action, you do have a couple of other choices.

you can go see the ‘DENIS HOPPER – THE LOST ALBUM’ show up at GAGOSIAN on Madison Ave. a dynamic selection of Hopper’s early ‘paparazzi’ pix from the 60s, which according to the website info, haven’t been exhibited in the United States since 1970 – so don’t blink.

as for truly cutting edge contemporary art, as in NOT played-out to death – guess what, it’s THE JEWISH MUSEUM that holds the golden keys.

ok, he’s a dead guy, but maybe that’s what I’m talking about !!

‘JACK GOLDSTEIN x 10,000’ opens there this FRI MAY 10, 2013 and runs thru SEPT 29, 2013.

organized by the ORANGE COUNTY MUSEUM of ART and curated by guest curator PHILIPP KAISER – this show is BRILLIANT. not overly informational, and dead-on: influential.

the other show to see at THE JEWISH MUSEUM is: ‘SIX THING: SAGMEISTER & WALSH’.
ok, they are not DEAD, but they are cutting edge, as cutting edge as you can get and still have a foot in both worlds, design and fine art. and they bleed. as in they take chances, a few things don’t quite make it, like that god-awful script that runs at the base of the exhibit walls, but they don’t bomb completely … like Koons.
sorry, I can’t resist sticking it to him, and the big $ marketing – that trumpets him.

as in, so cutting edge … they just might just be courting career ‘death’ – just joking !! calm down !! love it !!
when more of the mainstream gets a load of their . . . new business / calling card.

p.s take a note: to Sagmeister. better watch it , or people gonna be comparing you to the SOURCE FAMILY & Cult figure FATHER YOD, who was also into .. naked young chicks!! hahaha. omg, yeah, I’m laughing !!
see: THE SOURCE FAMILY .. documentary now playing in NYC

IMAGE: whatmademelook/tumblr



and looking good, bye the way !!

the show’s guest curator, PHILIPP KAISER.

DENNIS SZAKACS, Director of the Orange County Museum of Art, which organized the show.

the show includes 2 short film / loop areas. one dedicated to the early film clips, and the other, to the later ones. all are quite minimalist .. and fascinating. this one, ‘THE KNIFE’, belongs to the latter category. these films were made on actual film, this was way before video, let alone the digital video option on your iPhone today, and they have not been transformed or re-formatted, for the show. they are projected onto the wall by archival projectors, which is of interest all by itself.

an installation view.
you don’t get to see the big paintings, esp up close and personal, very often. partly because he is such an under-rated artist. don’t ask me why. maybe just as well.
the blue and pink one at the left, is one of my absolute favs. abstract art … to the max.
well actually, hyper-realist photo-base art – that crossed the abstract line, oh you can die a thousand deaths – to experience that transformation.
‘Untitled’, 1983. Acrylic on canvas. Vanmoerkerke Collection, Ostend.

JACK GOLDSTEIN, lightning painting. c-l-a-s-s-i-c.
‘Untitled’, 1983. Acrylic on canvas. Collection: B.Z. and Michael Schwartz, New York.

my recently deceased hubbie, I was going to say LATE, but truth be told, his biggest fault was being TOO EARLY !! to the game . . SIMON CERIGO was one of the first people to buy a large Goldstein ‘Lightning’ canvas. it was a knock-out. we paid like $8,000 for it, from METRO PICTURES, I guess just about that time, 1983 – 84.
I believe it’s still the biggest canvas Goldstein ever painted. it ended up being bought, we had to sell it, in 1989 – when we could get at least 10 x the purchase price, little kids to feed and what .. but good karma. it somehow ended up in the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa .. where the label still says: PROVENANCE/COLLECTION of SIMON CERIGO !!
double the karma actually, because like Jack Goldstein, me and Simon were both brought up in Montreal, we were like the generation just before his. Montreal was hot for art at that time. Leonard Cohen and all. the French Canadian color field painters. we alos moved to NYC in the early 80s.
so I’m thinking, too bad it’s not TRIPLE KARMA, that the painting wasn’t borrowed from Canada and shown here, esp it being .. the year that Simon died.

the other quietly impressive part of this exhibit was a row of vinyl recordings. according to the museum notes, JACK “embraced technology, using it to create works that anticipated today’s digital media … words had always been a presence in his work.” and with specific reference to these pieces, “GOLDSTEIN also began to appropriate and remix recorded sound and image; by the mid-1970s he was producing VINYL RECORDS as artworks ..”

the burning forest . . .

a swim against the tide . . .

the dying wind . . .


P.S. not to worry, back to the YALE OPEN STUDIOS, up next . . .