for all my . . ‘insider’ writers !!
and p.s. YES, I think I was the first to substitute ‘tagger’ for ‘writer’ . . re street artists, esp those who purely ‘wrote’, or ‘tagged’, their custom scribbles and codes . . all over town. . . . to avoid confusion in a mainstream media.
I mean writers were not exactly ‘literary wirters . . byt they werent exactly v artist either. taggers made sense.

I’ve actually got a pretty big 35mm photo archive of ‘pure’ and, mostly undecipherable tags, mostly from downtown Lower Manhattan . . going aall the way back to 1981 !!
maybe some day, I’ll put out a book.
maybe I’ll call it: tags I have known . . !!

‘JESUS SAVES’, SEPT 15, 2014.

‘JESUS SAVES’ and ‘STAY HIGH’ are two of my favs . . just because they come straight up from the native-born hoods . . before they were gentrified . . and they never or haven’t yet, received huge success or recognition.
STAY HIGH passed away a few years ago, and was as hard core as they come. but JESUS SAVES, of a slightly younger generation, is still out there.
and apparently, he’s still interested in the art scene, proper !!
maybe he caught the LOREN MUNK show opening, because that’s when I caught the tag.