~a rat’s ass . . .

or: isn’t rat . . . . just art – spelt backwards ?

CHARLIE FINCH . . . wrote a book called ‘Most Art Sucks’. I’m gonna one-up him and write a book called . . . ‘ALL Critics Suck’. pun intended.
as in all critics of ‘MAURIZIO CATTELAN: ALL’ – suck. and big time. and may they choke on whatever they’re sucking on, too.

I’ve been hearing that almost every pathetic excuse of an ‘art’ critic in this town has followed the lead of the high (Roberta, the B is for banal) and the low ballers (Charlie – C is for only knows how to chug) and panned the Cattelan show.
what a friggin mistake.
what a friggin nightmare this town is. no wonder the art community is sinking faster than the Titanic. and while you are at . . . take down some of those god damn trust fund babies . . . with ya.

so, you got out-of-town guests for the holidays ? there be only one place to take them. museum-wise.
that would be the MAURIZIO CATTELAN show ‘ALL’ . . . at the GUGGENHEIM.
(note: closed Thursdays !!)

and gallery-wise:
and yes, the long awaited . . . opening night pix – ARE posting tomorrow – !! – HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!

the so-called art critics, in this town . . . dumber than a bunch of donkeys, and way – more out-dated, if not just plain deader than a dead horse . . . they, the critics, the ‘stuffed’ shirts, with absolutely no living gray matter that I can see, should only be so lucky as to be hanging from the rafters of the Guggenheim.
down with the lot of ya. you’re only living – to be forgotten . . .
what do you think . . . ? hanging a horse in the Guggenheim means, anyways. the perceived powers to be & the establishment are crap. over and done with . . . amen.
and I guess that means: YOU !!
guess he called that right.
and oh yeah, anti-establishment, that’s a really “childish” notion in the fucked-up world we live in today.
tell that to OWS, students and rioters for change around the globe.
you guys are so mind-boggling out of touch, its unbelievable. somebody should drop some acid into your morning cuppa joe, and do you all a favor.

hear this (establishment) art writers of NYC: you are all imbeciles. unbelievable – like I said, how the top 1% of the talent – goes sailing right over your heads. poof. it never fails to amaze me how the people who profess to be the art ‘pros’ . . can be so unfailingly dumb. the blind leading the blind ? not good enough.
it’s more like putting a solid black field on a computer screen, remember those early graphics-challenged websites ? ha.

“avenir” – to the FUTURE !! that be Cattelan calling it – and, very nicely, too. just blowin’ in the wind.
the rats – I mean art critics in this town, should be shot. and saved from their own misery instead of being allowed to drag the rest of us through their small minds and glass ceiling eyes. never mind pushing their uninspired and most certainly unskilled barely there – human life forms – on everybody else.

since when has ‘pencil pushing’ – ever been considered a higher art form ? (ok when its lit – and this is not lit) and these pencil pushing – for a living, make no doubt about it, they are sucking the life out of the culture for a penny – and they are standing in the way of a great time, and a great vision. REALLY they are lining up like fascist monkeys – following the (loudest) leader – and giving the Nazi salute to the lowest cultural denominator.
the herd mentality. the anti-art, if I ever did see one.

media bullies . . and cowards ALL – they should ALL be lined up and put into body bags – and dumping them in the East River . . . wouldn’t do the river justice !!

CATTELAN should go back to the show – and stencil ALL their names on the body bags. no wonder the guy has to come off as a clown. you have to play stupid around this dumbed down crowd – just to duck ALL their crap.

the establishment. the critics. the (huge) elephant in the room. and blindfolded to boot. or is that vision impaired. no diff. no joke.

so, who gives a rat’s ass – about the art writers of New York City !! a dumber bunch could not be found.
in your dreams – art ‘critics’, not.
but don’t worry, CATTELAN got your number: loud and clear. the only thing that would or could one-up his ‘ALL’ – would be if that horse’s ass could dump a pile of (steamin) shit, excuse me, horse crap . . . on you . . . the moment your low-rent talent (?) entered the room.

trust me – we can see y’all coming from a mile away. just as big and dumb and stupid, and blindfolded – as that (circus of fools) elephant. Cattelan got it right. turned the Guggenhiem upside-down and sideways.
just the way we like it !!