private time

the jpeg flyer for PRIVATE TIME. JULY 2007

ANNIE PEARLMAN asks us to tell y’all – PRIVATE TIME will be performing:

THIS SUNDAY JULY 15th at BOBO’s on 9th St – 1132 9th STREET in PHILLY,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

time: 8:00 PM

check out: PRIVATE TIME on their myspace page

check out: BOBO’s myspace page – a couple of great BOBO band posters there !!!!!
and .. they are!! PSYCHEDELIC.
– & – there’s some great (psychedelic) video clips too !!
what a difference a couple of decades makes, … no youtube back in those San Francisco glory days !!!!
see JOHN HANLEY post just below.
make that almost 5 decades, in reality. 1960’s to 2007 !! its seems a really short time – but its half a century. imagine that – graphing the century according to the PSYCHEDELIC BAND POSTER MEDIUMS !!!!

Annie Pearlman