~YUSUKE HANAI . . sing like a bird, not.

YUSUKE HANAI / image: Seeing Things Gallery

I see they are dusting off the Cold War era . . nuke shelters.
not, a good sign.
whatever are they thinking ? Bikini Atoll is still inhabitable, more than 60 years on.
see: ‘This is where the govt will Hide & even start a new civilization’ . . NEW YORK POST

I saw a documentary this weekend on Native American basket making, also . .
not, a good sign.
the master craftsman/artist basket weaver said that . . the 2 trees that are essential for the weaving strips, used since the beginning of Native times, are the ash and the birch tree.
both trees are under assault by deadly, invasive out-of-control & prob beyond control (!!) micro beetles. genocide of trees is the catch-phrase.
see: ‘An insect that has killed’. . Observer
he didn’t seem that concerned, because he added . . only about 1/4 of the trees around where he lives, have been destroyed – so far.

how much longer til they are all gone ?
2 years ?
4 years ?
25 years ? I bet 25 years tops it.

new age plastic weaving strips – up next.

I don’t even want to speculate . . on nuclear winter.