regelverk’s sticker art . . arranged (though he probably doesn’t know it) in an early American piecework quilt . . pattern / lay-out. I don’t remember how I exactly stumbled upon regelverk’s Instagram feed.
but I do know . . the patterning of his hand-drawn sticker presentation – is what instantly attracted me, myself being a deep lone wolf believer – in early American quilts, with quite a large personal collection – running in age from the recent to the very colonial, and all in various states of condition, from well-worn but preserved, to excellent condition – to the ultra raggedy. I have also studied quilt patterns & their lore for many, many decades by now.

some people have pigeons, I have quilts. my most favorite thing to do – is to hand-stitch and repair thesequilts. esp the most raggedy. .
as well, the warm vibrant colors in the regelverk sticker art – also resonated with my quuilt. they echo the simple but rich hued home dyes of long ago fabrics. as well as the wood block printed & stenciled textiles that evolved.

I always think . . it must have something to with being the outsider, the ‘Montrealaise’ Canadienne . . coming to America. and esp finding my inspiration in the North East Kingdom. we didn’t have a tradition of quilts in Old Montreal, we had . . furs.
kind of like ‘The Revenant’ – the film.

this lay-out would be . . a very early & simple patchwork pattern, called: Postage Stamp.

sticker. sticker on the . . tape roll. the essence of ‘piece’ work.

if you follow my quilt work, you know this is how I like to photograph my repairs, laid out on the floor like this, rather than on a bed.
the better to see the ‘plastic’ formality.

I also use many, many patches, both old, archival pieces I’ve found over the years – as well as patches made by contemporary artists, and ribbons, too. to make the repairs, so … this really rocks for me.

as well I like bold, graphic design, that is open to many interpretations.
I’m talking about .. the Finger, lol.

all images via Instagram – @regelverk