AUG 10, 2019

DANIEL GIORDANO’s studio . . is in an old red brick industrial building / on the seedy side of Newburgh.
well-worn, the building looks to hold a lot of local history, but for him in particular – as it was home to his family’s coat manufacturing factory for several generations.
well, manufacturing coats, unless you are in China, Pakistan or Viet Nam, ain’t gonna get you nowhere this century, but maybe re-translate that entrepreneurship, hard work, and skills . . factoring in the new (serious) art influences in the surrounding community, and well . . maybe art – will win the day.
looks like a win win – to me.
ps: VICKI . . is on the ground floor storefront.
mark your calendar: TED GAHL – ‘Zen Paintings’ . . opens SAT OCT 12.

DANIEL . . has the whole top / 3rd floor. eat your heart out – Brooklyn.

plenty of room, to go big / catch . . that power and the ‘fury’.

work in progress.

cannoli / and . . cream.

another metal pipe / ‘pole’ piece.
this one looking very . . bio.

Theo and Daniel.
when a (young) collector, gets to see where the magic happens – it’s an awesome thing.

I hadn’t know Daniel was so into working with clay.
this is such a cry. such a call to . . ‘death’.
to depth of soul.
to . . wanting.

my feeling was: a lot of the raw power of the works . . comes not only from the freedom of working in, such a huge, old industrial space / but also from, all the aggregate ‘conversations’, between the different projects, and diverse materials.
‘formalism’ – as in creative, dedicated formalism / it’s funny how it thrives in dedicated . . ‘chaos’.

diverse materials, is not the word / diverse diverse diverse diverse comes closer.
many coats / of many colors. Daniel in the Lions Den.
man-made, artist-shaped, collaged, stood-up, assembled / found.
even . . animal parts.

even . . futuristic.

yep, Daniel . . in the Lion’s den.