~more pix from my visit with JESSICA BAJOROS

JESSICA BAJOROS works out of a small apartment in New York’s East Village . . .

Jessica’s long time boyfriend cinematographer JASON BANKER – works from a home/office there too.

that is one of Jessica’s earlier paintings on the wall – it’s interesting to see her work evolve.

this is her current work – up on the living room wall. the large room is partitioned off to be a both a storage space and a viewing area.
she works mostly in oil on canvas, though she also has some watercolors tucked away, out of sight.

looks are deceiving. Jessica though outwardly calm – seems to be inwardly pretty intense, and the same goes with her portraits !!

she usually paints from photographs which she takes herself – in the apt studio.

the faces have an inscrutable depth – that belie their ‘realism’.

they can also . . .

veer towards the ‘magic’.

JESSICA was just starting out on a brand new series based on the new ‘it-girl’ and downtown model, NATALIE WHITE – so that should definite be something to watch out for !!
while I was there – she showed me some preliminary photos from her computer. drop dead eloquent decadent or what. as in, no words necessary.

an array of her most recent work – and, yes !! that is NINA SARGENT, the great granddaughter of JOHN SINGER SARGENT just off center to the right – in the long dark stockings. and yes, her studio wall really is painted that gorgeous bright blue. the better to set off the haunting ‘realism’.
funny how ‘realism’ can be just another word for: mystery.