JUPITER – PERSONIFIED !! image via Astrology on the Web

sweet info / communication / graphic design logo !! or what ?!!
talk about ‘BRANDING’ !!


well that does bring some other thoughts to mind, esp about cameras.

it’s funny, as in INTENSE (!!) . . .
if you think on it. the contrast between the kind of information early man picked up about JUPITER, that distant tiny bright orb they saw up in the sky . . . and the way they went on to classify its influence on them, which in turn – lead them in fact to . . . ‘deify’ it.

VS . . . the purely ‘pictorial’ information we get from that contemporary NASA composite photograph transmitted from space – in real time.

as to the question of the ‘greater’ force – i.e. the force behind the ‘ultimate’ design project – the night sky and the universe.

get this: the PLANET, SATURN itself – was/is the GREATER FORCE. it’s as simple as that.

I know it’s still hard for us to understand that a huge ball of ‘smoke’ and ‘light’- as opposed to an old man with a long beard or a beautiful damsel siren, or even a fire-breathing dragon – can be a ‘greater’ force. and that’s exactly why the early people ‘personified ‘ it.
and yes, that falls under: ART.
painting, sculpture, graphic design, logos, pictorial codes, maps, etc. etc.

the planet transmitted a powerful kind of ‘influence’ that drove civilization, just as surely as our mighty sun, sends warmth and drives agriculture, which in turn feeds, and nourishes us.

SATURN and its ‘impulse’ and perceived effect & interpretation of that affect – nourished us, intellectually – in the push towards advanced knowledge and evolution.

yep. it’s hard, even today, or esp today (!!) to get your head around that kind of ‘power’ transmission – it is so beyond our own 3-D existence – and that’s probably why – !! – the early peoples, and esp the Greeks, personified the planets, and the other heavenly bodies – as ‘GODS’ . . . .
in our own ‘image’. (also know as … the beginnings of ART !!, duh.)

like I said, talk about – the power of design branding !!

not to forget: informational graphics.

which is really quite amazing when we think on it, the knowledge they had of the planets and their inherent ‘powers’ – except to note how much more silent the world was once, and how bonded to the physical aspects of the earth and sky – our early ancestors – were.

so I guess the bigger question is: is there an even greater power, or master designer … behind the ‘planets’, an overall architect .. of the universe ?

IT’S SUPER INTENSE – to contrast that flow and ‘expression’ of ‘celestial’ power and information – to the technical triumph, (and, in way scale-back of intuited/experienced charted information) … of our contemporary world to being able to actually go up there – and actually photograph it !!

and then you realize at once – how absolutely ‘realist’ and yet inversely limited . . . the pictorial image really . . . is.

on some level, you really have to have had previous experience or detailed definition/knowledge of what is photographed – to be able to fully comprehend the ‘captured’ image.

I mean, just what does that incredible 2000 NASA composite photo of SATURN actually say, as in . . . . ‘reveal’,
esp with regard to the planet’s ‘powers’ or even its nightly journey.
or even, at base – that it rolls around in ‘space’. or even that it’s h-u-g-e.
our sense of its scale, does NOT come from the photograph per se – but from our previous knowledge.

in fact on some level, the photograph ‘denies’ the life force or ‘power’ of the subject. in case, the planetary sphere – where are the clues to its huge – centuries old documented spirit-existence ?

it brings to mind, just why those earth & sky bonded North American Indians were afraid of the photograph – it ‘stole’ the spirit, the life force of the photographer’s sitter. the photograph in its one dimensional ‘capture of ‘reality’ finds only the outer ‘image’ or physical plane . . By its very primal nature it – in fact DENIES the ‘hidden’ or inner life force aka the spiritual planes.

that’s why we, the art world so value photographers who can capture the inner aspect, such as WALKER EVANS, or even today … GREGORY CREWDSON.

and yes, you can file that under: ART.

SO, IT SEEMS, the more our modern super technology … ‘fact’ analyses the big planet … the more its spirit and powers … are minimalized at best, and downright denied at worst.
good-bye world as we knew it. maybe that’s what the Mayans meant about the end of the world /

yep, for sure. it’s hard to look at that photograph of a big ball of gases – and see “GOD”.

but WHOA !!
imagine the reverse scenario. instead of a big ball of yellow and gray swirling fumes – the space cameras had sent back an image of huge lone bearded guy floating all alone way up in space – in a kind of Christmas snowy snow-falling glass globe – ?
would we get it better, then.

I mean with all our centuries of religious imagery, maybe that would be more acceptable, but mighty w-e-i-r-d.
I mean do we really expect our ‘gods’ to be human in form ?
we are NOT supposed to.
most ancient religions are absolutely against portraying ‘god’ in a graven human form.

what do we expect ?
that out greater forces will be human-looking, just floating disconnected out there in infinite space.

I’m still waiting for the first ‘vocal’ recordings, from space. I do know from the Science pages – that they have finally admitted (!!) there are traces of ‘alien’ biology – in all of our DNA, from primordial micro creatures all the way up the food chain. I mean do we really think it’s going to come back as: a bearded man saying … ‘HELLO EARTHLINGS’ ???
more like, an alien from STAR WARS, how about JAR JAR !!
and he be saying . . . “WHERE ARE YOU ? HOLD ON, ON THE WAY TO HELP YOU ESCAPE” – !!