LALA ALBERT, whose surreal, and erotic, truth be told – line drawing/illustration . . is found in Anthony Alvardao’s ‘D.I.Y MAGIC’ – is a young Brooklyn-based artist & textile designer.
which is not even the TIP of the ICEBERG, cuz she’s also a way far-out cartoonist, to put it m-i-l-d-l-y !!
oh l-o-r-d-y.
& a zine maven – !!

this is from her tumblr – page

more importantly, here’s: her basic web page – that should take care of this dreary rainy day – !!

talk about the true meaning of . . . grit !!

I’ll leave it for you to discover . . her raw raw comic draftsmanship & narrative ‘line’, tour-de-force / in-your-face humor – for yourself, to be found there, under comics & zines – !!

ok, here’s a really kind word to all the complacent, maybe jaded even, smart-ass losers who read this site:

if you really want to get knocked off your chair . . make sure to check out brain buzz/new, under comics & zines on that homepage link, where ‘MADE FOR WEIRD5’, ink, 2014 pops up !!

LALA ALBERT, a page from . . brainbuzz/new – ‘Made for Weird5’ . . under comics & zines

oh god, are y’all gonna call me . . a ‘lounge’ critic – now ?

and then, of course you can continue onto ‘some people I like’ , sweetly stored under her links, at the left-hand top of PLSLALA , where a whole bunch of super talented & mostly still unheard of, under-the-radar ‘people’, we call ’em ‘creatives’, pop up and come alive through the power of the digital age and a generous Lala / and then you begin to see just how friggin kicking & huge NYC really is, fuck LA. (Los Angeles.)
give me more LALA – !!

talk about . . ‘under the volcano’ – !!