~JOSH HARRIS/QUIET/Internet Roadkill/Exploding Sky/THE ENGER BROS

The word is that JOSH is in Spain, setting up a Euro verison of QUIET. He’s got MARK ENGER of EXPLODING SKY working on the uniforms, here. too bad he didn’t set up shop there before the subway terror attack, like he did here, that way maybe some real forward thinking FEMA guy could actually pinpoint Josh Harris as a terror frontman !!!!

YO! Josh, why don’t you set up QUIET in ‘ABU’ DUBAI ? forget Spain, that would really get you hot … maybe you could get GELATIN to sneak in and take out a high floor window in that sailboat hotel and put a little balconey up there ? you’d probably start WWW III. hey, you only got one life time = go for it. Instead of getting to live and write a book about it, like you do here, in the good ole US of A, you and your whole crew – would probably go to jail for 400 years! Mark Enger could make special little ‘ABU’ DUBAI uniforms with exploding airplanes going into high buildings that look like sailboats, on the patches … YO! why should we be spending millions of dollars on security … when we could be blowing all our extra tourist cash on 10 feet high fish aquariums, too! DAMIEN HIRST move over.

EXPLODING SKY WORLWIDE, (Mark Enger) is back in business and has recently re-located the silkscreen shop to Newark – the new artist city, if you want loft space at decent prices. They say its just 15 mins into Manhattan, on the PATH TRAIN.

Mark Enger/EXPLODING SKY/Studio Visit

exploding sky

from left, JEFF GOMPERTZ, MATT ENGER, JOSH HARRIS and MARK ENGER, Chinatown, March 24, 2006, just before Josh leaves for Spain.

Enger Bros.brokeback

MATT & MARK ENGER, aka THE ENGER BROS. they say they got the bling around their necks from Josh, in return for a ‘Brokeback’ ‘twin’ sandwich up on ‘the Farm’ – that’s an ‘insider’ joke.
Chinatown, March 24, 2006

Photos: Nancy Smith