quiet up-date # 1
spurred on by the success of ONDI TIMONER – who seems to have BILL GATES – aka “the richest man in the world” – as her new BFF !! – beat that – all you losers !! – I recently happened to pass by the old stomping grounds on downtown Broadway – deep in the heart of Tribeca.
this was the site of QUIET – the million dollar+ millennium party – that JOSH HARRIS and PSEUDO.COM threw – to celebrate the turn of the century – and which fueled the core of ONDI TIMONER’S SUNDANCE winning documentary – WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.
The four story warehouse building housed the Japanese style pod or bunker hotel for the 99+ live-in artists, and in the basement – was the ALFREDO MARTINEZ shooting gallery. this building was in constant flux on the other floors – with free-flowing ‘disco’ bars, art installations, and dance floors – not to mention light shows, live sex shows, chess tournaments, interactive games, and even a Toxic room – popping up and going down – just as fast. Josh’s will put it up and Josh’s will took it down. . it was breathtaking to watch the transitions and differing visions. not to mention the competing artistic egos. it was a huge futuristic shock. open to the public 24/7. all wired by omnipresent motion-sensitive cameras for 24/7 surveillance and digitally delivered and projected onto the multi-present screens, also placed everywhere – in real time, and uncensored. you could be eating in the ‘bubble’ dining room and watch Josh, or some pretty uninhibited others – prance fully naked – and wet – in the transparent shower that dominated the last half of the floor-thru pod hotel. you could be in your pod, and according to your temperament elect to catch a close-up of someone else having live sex in their pod – or watch an artist installation take shape a few floors above !! it was sheer creative chaos – with no boundaries – that roamed the absolute !! full specter of human being-ness !! – with blazing futuristic insight and defining predelection. it was at a once perfect insight, blatant imagination meets bankrolled construction – everything was possible – no holds barred – both elegant and raunchy – in sum: the total human experience. circa DEC 1999 – JAN 2000. downtown artworld rebels meet internet geek with a million bucks to blow – who likes to par-tay hearty !! and all take off. it was like the buildings were a self-contained space ship.
the smaller 2 story building to its right – housed the ‘bubble’ communal dining room – for the resident artists and the in-house production crew – complete with an asian 4 star chef – masterminded by OWEN BUSH. serving 3 meals a day. upstairs was the administration, make that Josh’s – offices.

quiet update # 2
this little storefront schmatta shop – with its many rolls of remnants was what the whole 4 story warehouse building was like – when we first got there, that’s where we got all the fab black fabric, reams of festive red velvet, and everybody’s fave: camo, that draped various stages of the ever-changing and very much put-up on the spot with what ya got – installation . . . that’s where I got the white fleece segments that became the Quiet banners, next to Alfredo’s shooting gallery, and Cal’s Vampire headquarters and video games. not to mention – the ‘interrogation’ room.

quiet up-date # 3
the first thing that was done – was a crew painted the walls white, or black !! and then attacked the designated space – with all those fabric rolls – with relish. one of the first areas to go up – the ultra-cheesy live sex shows ‘competition’ – area – 70’s style swanky bordello-era beds – in rolls and rolls of red velvet and M.C. LUVVY – aka JOSH HARRIS – overseeing the action. ONDI’S final version, skewed mightly towards the internet guru aspect – was sooo censored – as to be almost a joke to those who were there for – all the fun and games. there was so much going on at all times – you could pick and choose your niche of comfort – from hauling off in Alfredo’s modernist, make that futurist plexiglas and metal-domed shooting range with real life assault rifles to ALEX ARCADIA’s half-nazi half-meditation temple with its piped-in trance-inducing music to its tiny copper goldfish swimming in a moat on its perimeter. it was violent, it was sweet, it was archival, it was mad max – above all, it was what you could personally stomach.
and there was no rock left unturned. I was supposed to put up a quilting bee – but got run around so much as Josh’s personal right-hand production assistant – that the banners and some make-shift paper lanterns – were the most I had time to devise as my own contribution to this hard-wired time capsule of Americana gone wild.

quiet # 4
a field day of red velvet, ‘camo’ and ‘flowery fields’ meet head-on nonstop with the cameras, computers, and plexiglas !!
antique pieced quilts met red velvet live sex shows in the storefront display windows.
yeah the neighbors complained – the live sex in the in display windows – that was the first gig – to get censored.

qquiet up-date # 5
photographer DONNA FERRATO. she lived, and still does, just around the corner on Leonard St. she heard about the QUIET party – it made huge headlines in all the press, and local mags – except the mainstream art press !! LOL. as if we could be surprised by that. but hey, JEFFREY DEITCH was there almost daily. as was ANTHONY HADEN-GUEST, and ALANA HEISS.
she was in there like a dirty shirt and she’s the one who took most of the hard copy documentary pix !!

me and Theo
it was DONNA FERRATO who took this photo of me and my kid Theo, back in the early days of QUIET – when JEFF GOMPEERTZ had just finished building the pod hotel. you know there had to be a kid – it was all about the future. you can see the wiring for the ‘reality’ surveillance cameras and the mini-format multi-channel play-back screens. this was before the pod-hotel, devolved into a wild no-holds barred, and some say professionally-stocked – full-on orgy.
computer nerd that he was – Josh was fascinated by animalistic behavior (body) as much as he was fascinated and inspired by the ‘fine’ arts (mind) . . . it was all about skills … and lust !! sometimes Josh walked around as Josh the founder/CEO of Pseudo, overseeing the various stages of construction and deconstruction, handing out his credit card so freely – it was impossible to keep track of – sometimes he M.C.’d as his over-the-top alter ego – LUVVY. but often I think, he also went incognito in a strange kind of hunter’s headpiece – that completely obscured his true identity, esp in the pod hotel’s very raunchy sex free for all ending. just a good guess.

Quiet # 7
how raunchy did things get, you ask ? DONNA FERRATO’S got the pix !!
and she’s about the only with the goods, too. you go girl.
following 2 images from the pod hotel at QUIET, NYC.
DEC 1999 – JAN 2000 – subject archival photographs by DONNA FERRATO.

Quiet # 8
and you didn’t see them in WE LIVE IN PUBLIC the film – or at least the version that Ondi put out at SUNDANCE !!
this is performance artist MANGINA, aka PATRICK BUCKLEW, and yes – he really does have a peg leg – though the mangina – LOL – is fabricated. a couple of us got the first over-the-top and very raw – absolutely uncensored version – of WE LIVE IN PUBLIC – as gifts from Josh – -including moi !! maybe one day, I’ll screen it for ya !!

quiet up-date # 9
stocked with professionals – I think the consensus would be …

quiet up-date # 10
yes !!

quiet # 16
leaving Donna’s Tribeca loft, I make a mental note to get her to show me the pix she has of the NYPD and NYFD / NEW YORK POLICE and NEW YORK FIRE DEPT – finally – shutting the place down – and, can’t help but note the footprint of silkscreen artist to the internet guru – MARK ENGER – aka – EXPLODING SKY – another key creative force in the JOSH HARRIS inner circle – on the exit door. MARK made the custom luvvy-logoed WE LIVE IN PUBLIC – jacket – that Josh is seen proudly sporting in many of the taped media interviews – that followed the big win at SUNDANCE 2009.

quiet # 14
a bit further north on Broadway, corner of SPRING St. in Soho – was Josh’s personal 2nd floor-thru luxury loft – where he was to within a year of QUIET – turn the 24/7 motion-sensitive cams on himself and girlfriend TANYA – in the initially first-titled – WE LIVE IN PUBLIC – a project that was live-streamed in an interactive format – that was obviously – way ahead of its time. It inadvertently caught both the loss of his dot com millions, and his girlfriend, or his attempt to make a fake girlfriend look like the real thing (??) – and essentially – the loss of his mind. some said at the time – – that’s what happens when a tech visionary and futuristic guru spends too much time with them wild outlaw artists !! maybe it was just an inevitable end of what is now referred to as – the bubble decade – but whatever it was, no one can deny – what a way to blow-out. no one has bested it yet.
Collector Lio Malca bought the place – was it the summer of 2002 ? Josh retreated full-time to his Apple Orchard up-state – and, where the opening footage in the film – WE LIVE IN PUBLIC – takes place.

PHOTOS: NANCY SMITH – unless otherwise noted.