~JORDAN CASTEEL . . . now & then

JORDAN CASTEEL . . doing the gallery rounds on the Lower East Side, NYC. Sept 7, 2014.

check out some pix from Jordan’s first show at Sargent’s Daughters, Fall 2014, it’s easy to see the big one year leap in her painting skills & content/vision . . plus also view the work of some of her Yale contemporaries . .
see: Dark Times ..

I first saw Jordan’s work at the Yale MFA Open Studios weekend of April 27-28, 2013. it was no random coincidence that I was there, (my first time at Yale, ever !!) the graduating class of 2014 was dynamic, with a capital D !! super super talented. super super intense. it was overwhelming, and I choose to post coverage of the 4 or so grad students I already knew personally from following their work – in the city previous to their heading to Yale.

but Jordan definite made an impression, and I’m looking for a few of those early Yale photos – to post now !!

ps: I later learned that each incoming Yale graduate class is chosen by a different set of professors, so that accounts for the wide divergence in the dynamics of each graduating class, and for sure whoever vetted the class of 2014 – did a knock-out job !!

JORDAN CASTEEL in her studio, Yale MFA Open Open studios, April 27-28, 2013.
Jordan was in her first year of the 2 year program.

JORDAN CASTEEL, a multi-media piece featuring a younger photo of herself, entitled or notated: “as I approached . .”
of course the best part of visiting any artist’s studio – is seeing into their process, the works in progress, the inspirations, the . . notes !!

JORDAN CASTEEL, this was one of my faves, a smaller piece . . but very ‘deep’.

JORDAN CASTEEL, a larger painting, no holds barred !!
great technical infrastructure, beautiful surfaces, and gorgeous, gorgeous light – at play. great volumes to the body, etc etc.
you could see the potential for sure.

yep, that Yale MFA class of 2014 . . watch out !!